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The Lebanese Environment Forum (LEF) in coordination with the Lebanon Eco Movement (LEM) are currently implementing a project entitled “Bahr Bala Plastic” under the “Lebanese civil society combating for a plastic free Mediterranean Sea” grant funded by the EU Delegation in Lebanon.

This project aims at financing innovative initiatives implemented by NGOs and start-ups (WP1), and raising awareness (WP3) and advocacy (WP2) campaigns, to reduce discharges of waste thrown in the sea, prevent additional harming to the environment and mitigate the economic damage to activities such as tourism and fisheries while tackling marine litter in Lebanon with a special focus on single-use plastic products and micro plastics, potential threat to both the environment and human health.

Under the Work Package WP3 and within an awareness campaign, LEF will sensitize beach touristic operators on the issue of marine plastic pollution and impact (including micro-plastics and single use plastics) to encourage sorting at the source and recycling plastics.

This work package is based on communications, awareness raising as well as behavior change on plastic usage.

More information on the project activities can be found on



The objective is to select a media company/firm/office to:

  1. Design and implement an awareness campaign targeting beach touristic operators, promoting and communicating the following key messages:
  • sorting at source the recyclables
  • stop single-use plastics (such as cups, straws, bottles and use alternatives)
  1. Show the visibility of the WP1 around the three themes (recycle/upcycle, clean-up and awareness) through before/after videos, infographics focusing on impacts, achievements and results of small projects awarded.



Support the project in developing an awareness campaign targeting beach touristic operators (mainly resorts and hotels) to raise awareness on plastic pollution and change behavior on plastic usage by:

  • Providing and implementing the suitable advertising plan/approach taking into consideration the guidelines for EU visibility and the main components of the communication plan produced under the WP3.
  • Preparing the content, designing and developing creative awareness materials and knowledge products for the campaign.


  • Behavior changes on plastic usage of minimum 25 large Lebanese touristic institutions/touristic beach operators (resorts and/or hotels).
  • Raising awareness of managers and workers on plastic pollution.
  • Links established with recycling companies for the wastes segregated.
  • Spreading guidelines for waste and plastic management.
  • Highlighting the green initiatives and achievements.
  • Increase the visibility of the project among the private sector institutions on the Lebanese.

Direct communication is highly encouraged through meetings and workshops with the owners and managers of the hotels and resorts in coordination with the local NGO that has experience in this field.


  • Expertise in Communication, media, public relations, marketing and/or journalism or related fields;
  • Demonstrated experience in developing successful strategies and campaigns in the field of environment
  • Experience working in the field of advertising, digital communication and production
  • Experience working with NGOs;
  • Knowledge of the EU's Communication and Visibility Guidelines
  • Good organizational and planning skills and ability to adhere to deadlines.



The starting date for implementation will be the date of signature of the contract and the duration of the tasks is expected 30 days.

How to apply


LEF will select the firm/office that offers the best value for money in compliance the requirements and specifications described above.

The premium for this task will be on the creativity of the campaign concept/approach offered and its innovativeness and efficacy in addressing the key target groups mentioned.



First phase:

Interested candidates must send an email to: [email protected] in order to have access to all materials already produced that could facilitate the construction of technical and financial offer proposals.


Second phase:

Interested candidates must provide information indicating that they are qualified to perform the services (brochures, description of similar assignments, experience in similar conditions, general qualifications, and number of key staff, team members…etc.). At this phase, technical and financial proposals (in Euros) must be delivered to the email address: [email protected], indicating in the subject: BBP- Awareness Campaign no later than 17 November 2021.



Any application received after the mentioned date and time will be rejected.


It is also required to submit:

  • Company profile (short info up to 1 page).
  • Copy of Company’s Registration Certificate.





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Wednesday, 17. Nov 2021
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Call for Consultancies
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> 6000 (USD)
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30 days