Communications and Visibility Consultancy

FemPawer is managed by a consortium consisting of four partner organizations - Arab Women Organization (AWO), Collective for Research and Training on Development (CRTDA), The Kvinna till Kvinna Foundation (Kvinna till Kvinna) and Palestinian Working Women Society for Development (PWWSD).


The action recognizes that economic discrimination towards women is a form of Gender-Based Violence (GBV) referred to as Economic Gender Based Violence (eGBV). By strengthening economic rights, we believe that prevention and responses to physical, psychological and sexual violence, predominantly in domestic and work environmental spheres, will be positively affected. Also, by strengthening economic rights, that would result in increased access to resources and an enhancement of a more equitable participation of women in the economic and political spheres.


We at FemPawer adhere to the following principles in our activities, and such principles would also apply to our communication and visibility activities:

  • Relevance of the communication components to the feminist movement in general and in particular to the movement to enhance women’s economic rights and to confront eGBV - amplifying women’s voices, public awareness raising, communicating with decision-makers, generating knowledge, mobilizing for action, and building organizational capacities,
  • Centrality of women’s voices in communication components with a focus on young women,
  • Inclusion of marginalized communities – examples, persons with disability, rural, and refugees within the components of communication,
  • Intersectionality – communications across its components are expected to reflect interconnectedness of discrimination against women and consequently the interconnectedness of the responses, and
  • Safety and Security of young women and any individual involved in the communication across its components is of paramount importance.

Objectives of the Communication and Visibility Consultancy

The consortium is looking for individuals, firm or expert organization to unify the voice of the FemPawer consortium as well as promote the FemPawer consortium Communication and Visibility by:

  • Developing the FemPawer communication and visibility strategy,
  • Supporting the implementation of the communication and visibility strategy to raise awareness, increase knowledge and disseminate information among target groups about project activities, and
  • Designing and producing communication and visibility material for various audiences.
  • Scope Of Work

    The consultant is expected to identify the most effective communication channels to promote both – the activities and results of the project and to raise awareness on the importance of WEE for sustainable economic development and preservation of the environment and respect of the sociocultural diversity and authenticity of communities.


    The selected expert/company is expected to closely coordinate with the project steering committee and communications officers/program officer in each country. The communication and visibility consultant will:


  • Develop a joint communications strategy and implementation plan to boost the visibility and amplify learnings within the FemPawer programme by: 
    • Reviewing the documents related to FemPawer programme,
    • Identifying key messages, communication products, project promotional tools and materials tailored to different audiences targeted through the program, and
    • Developing the communication and visibility action plan for 2022-2023.
  • Lead the implementation of the communication and visibility strategy of the FemPawer consortium by:
  • Supporting program teams in implementing the communication and visibility action plan,
  • Creating and leading the Communication and visibility Working Group,
  • Assisting in the coordination of initiatives that enhance communication with key stakeholders and facilitate the use of appropriate media to generate visibility for external audiences, and
  • Linking the consortium with key media representatives both regionally and internationally, including reporters, editors, producers, and correspondents to raise awareness on the objective of the project and of the state of Netherland work, as well as to solicit support and engagement from different Media institutions.
  • Design, production, and dissemination of communication materials for various audiences as outlined in the communication and visibility strategy as well as implementation plan by:
    • Supporting grassroot organizations and consortium members in the development of documentation and dissemination of experiences, storytelling, lessons learnt, impact stories, best practices and case studies
    • Review and suggest improvements on existing social media platform of partner organizations to accurately reflect and include all relevant reports, interviews, articles, analysis papers, and other related materials,
  • Drafting of web stories, tweets, talking points, speeches, media advisories, press releases and reports, and assist with editing and revision of programme documents for publication,
  • Adapting materials and publications to formats that can be readily used by each target audience.
  • Develop and strengthen the visibility of FemPawer consortium in the project context and identification of ways of enhancing visibility of FemPawer mandate through:
  • Outlining mechanisms to brand, internally and externally, and enhance recognition of its identity.
  • Key Deliverables and Outputs:
  • One communication and visibility strategy
  • One communication and visibility implementation plan, including how the consultant will support the consortium during the duration of the consultancy in the implementation of communication activities
  • At least 4 trainings to grassroot organizations and consortium partners on communication and visibility
  • At least 3 communication materials per month
  • Required Skills and Experience
  • At least 7 years of professional experience working in PR and/or communications;
  • Demonstrate prior experience in developing and implementing communication strategies and plans, ideally in the development context.
  • Experience in promoting a project and/or brand through organization of different events, presentation at fairs, promotion in social and standard media and in preparation of relevant materials;
  • Previous work in women’s related projects;
  • Previous work for international organization will be considered as an asset.
  • Fluency in both written and spoken English and Arabic languages. Ability to speak, write in Arabic and proofread in English is essential.

How to apply

Timeline and Duration

This consultancy is expected to commence on July 15, 2022. The initial duration of the assignment is six months with possible extension dependent on performance and need.

How to apply

Interested individuals, companies or expert organizations should submit a detailed technical and financial proposal based on following points:

  • A cover letter stating why you are eligible for the assignment.
  • Technical and Financial proposals which should include a schedule of planned activities.
  • Detailed budget including professional fee in Euros or USD including taxes, social security contributions and VAT.
  • CV of the professional to undertake the assignment including a summary of similar assignments undertaken previously.
  • Samples of communication materials that have been produced as well as samples of previous strategies that have been developed or portfolio would be appreciated to receive.
  • Contracted consultant cannot further subcontract the assignment. In cases where the tender includes a team of consultants, their division of labor shall be presented in advance to the consortium.


Female candidates from the MENA region are highly encouraged to apply. Interested candidates to send their technical and financial proposal22

Tuesday, 05. Jul 2022
Type of Call
Call for Consultancies
Intervention Sector(s):
Communications & Media
Remuneration range:
3000 to 4000 (USD)
Duration of Contract:
6 months