A Generation On The Move: Insights Into The Conditions, Aspirations, And Activism Of Arab Youth | Ifi Executive Summary

IFI Executive Summary | November 2011
A Generation on the Move: Insights into the Conditions, Aspirations, and Activism of Arab Youth Rami G. Khouri, Shahida Azfar, Charles Harb, Nasser Yassin, Moussa Shteiwi, Yazan Doughan, Abla Rouag-Djenidi, Dina Shehata, Barbara Ibrahim, Gregory Gause, Christine Asaad, Muneira Hoballah, Jad Melki, Mark Levine, Waad Ibrahim, Rodda Leage, Ivana Chalmers, Karen Abi Saab, Sarah Tabbara, Joe Khalil, Zina Sawaf, Carine Allaf, Diane Singerman, Nicola Bull, Shereen El Feki, Lucas Nielsen, Ayman Zohry, Mohammad Younis, Ahmed Younis, Leah Pybus, Tim Jacoby, Eileen Kuttab, Sayce Falk, Zafiris Tzannatos, and Kamel Nabulsi 
Understanding the state of mind of the activist young men and women throughout the region provides a window into the challenges Arab societies are facing today, and into the recent revolts that are driving the national social and political transformations in the Arab world. With the aim to identify and better understand key elements of young Arabs’ perspectives on themselves and their place in society, in 2009 the Issam Fares Institute for Public Policy and International Affairs at the American University of Beirut initiated a two-year partnership to produce an updated and forward looking situation analysis on youth in the Middle East and Northern Africa region with the support of the UNICEF Middle East & North Africa Regional Office.

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Tuesday, 1 November 2011
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