1. Issuance of Payment occurs once every year or in two to three intervals.
  2. Prices must include VAT and it must be shown on the invoice.
  3. Every supplier has to fill the request for quotation and place it in a closed envelope, signed and stamped on the envelope and submitted by hand in the locked box that’s found beside the reception office. We do not accept any quotation by email.
  4. The tender should be submitted in the tender box in IRL Beirut office only.
  5. The tender will be closed on 07/01/2021 at 2:00 pm and any quotation will not be accepted after this time.
  6. Procurement department is the only department responsible to contact the suppliers, please contact samer on 76111438 or Mostafa on 76111725 for any needed detail.
  7. Supplier must submit company legal papers with the request for quotation in the same envelope, or the quotation will not be considered.
  8. This tender is only for suppliers who are eligible to VAT.

Medical Insurance Tender- Table of Benefits


Islamic Relief Lebanon is requesting a medical proposal that must include a detailed pricing schedule;

For First and Second class without NSSF (Co-NIL) and with NSSF (Co-NSSF) coverage for the below:

  1. In-Patient Coverage at 100% - No Financial limitation
  2. Out-Patient coverage at 100% - No Financial limitation
  3. DV 85% - up to 40$ - 10 visits per year
  4. Prescription coverage at 85% - No Financial limitation
  5. Worker’s Compensation
  6. Maternity Coverage –No waiting period

Coverage for chronic, congenital and pre-existing conditions – No waiting period

How to apply

please contact : [email protected]

The tender should be submitted to our Beirut office only:


Beirut , sanayea Touffic Tabbara Street , Toufic Tabara Center 8th floor

Thursday, 17. Dec 2020
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