Call for Proposal - Public Sensitization on Mental Health

This Request for Proposal falls under the project entitled ‘Supporting Beirut’s Immediate Social Recovery Services” funded by the World Bank. All activities carried out by the IRC partners under this project are fully funded by the Bank.


Objectives of the Request for Proposal (RFP)

The IRC aims to establish one partnership with one LNGO through an open competitive selection process, in Beirut and Mount Lebanon areas. The partnership will be in close collaboration with the National Mental Health Program (NMHP) and aims to achieve the following outcomes:

1- Adapt public MH sensitization awareness campaigns already developed by an external service provider to migrant domestic workers in a 3-months timeframe. Expected deliverables:

  • Sub-grantee is translating the developed sensitization and awareness materials to different migrant domestic workers’ main languages, reported through a narrative report.
  • Sub-grantee is disseminating the sensitization and awareness materials on a national level, reported through a narrative report.

2- Train migrant and refugee CSOs working with domestic workers on Efficient and Dignified Mental Healthcare Following Critical Incidents (Safe identification and referral, Emotional Crisis Management, and Suicide safety and referral...). Expected deliverables:

  • Sub-grantee is developing the training including all the training materials in close collaboration with the NMHP, reported through a narrative report.
  • Sub-grantee is delivering the training to migrant and refugee CSOs working with domestic workers, reported through training narrative reports.


Project Locations

Under this Request for Proposal, IRC will support projects implemented on a national level, in specific Beirut and Mount Lebanon. In this RFP, the interested actor should submit only one application to cover the outcomes listed above.


Project Duration

IRC anticipates that the sub-grant issued under this invitation may have a start date in May 1, 2023. The project duration may extend for 6 months (October 31, 2023).


Project Cost

Under this opportunity, IRC anticipates providing one sub-grant with a maximum amount of $62,510 USD. The budget submitted should respect the below segregation by activity:


Year 1

(1 May 2023 – 31 October 2023)

Activity 1: Adaptation of public sensitization awareness materials for Migrant Domestic Workers

$31,255 USD

Activity 2: Training for migrant and refugee CSOs working with domestic workers

$31,255 USD


The budget could include rental costs of the centres, running cost, staff, and activities cost; all costs should be added as direct costs only. The evaluation criteria of the submitted budget will take into consideration the best use of resources.

How to apply


There will be a Question & Answer session online on (date to be determined) (the link will be shared separately). Questions should be submitted in advance to [email protected]  upon expressing interest for application.  



Please submit your application electronically to IRC’s Partnerships Unit: [email protected]   with the subject line “Public sensitization and trainings – WB RFP. You do not need to submit hard copies. Please submit your application by Monday April 24th, 2023.

Monday, 24. Apr 2023
Type of Call
Call for Proposals
Intervention Sector(s):
Advocacy & Awareness, Health, Mental Health