Call for Proposal - Educational Services in Existing Shelters

This Request for Proposal falls under the project entitled ‘Supporting Beirut’s Immediate Social Recovery Services” funded by the World Bank. All activities carried out by the IRC partners under this project are fully funded by the Bank.  Objectives of the Request for Proposal (RFP)

The IRC aims to establish one partnership with a LNGO through an open competitive selection process in Beirut and Mount Lebanon areas. 

If formal schooling for the Syrian refugees is not possible due to institutional barriers or the boys’ and girls’ academic background, they will receive literacy and numeracy activities. These numeracy and literacy activities will not be the same as the Ministry of Education (MEHE). Lebanese boys and girls can have access to formal education if that will be possible and if the security situation of the shelter can allow this. 

The partnership aims to achieve the following outcomes:

A- Through supporting the costs of the education services, the potential partner should deliver the below: 

  1. Sub-grantee is conducting an assessment for boys and girls less than 18 years old inside the GBV shelters to determine their academic level, reported through quarterly narrative reports and monthly progress reports, and pre and posttests (To be determined by the selected partner on the frequency of the tests).
  2. The sub-grantee is providing the education services based on the boys’ and girls’ capacity and nationality, reported through quarterly narrative and monthly progress reports, satisfaction surveys, and pre and post-tests (To be determined by the selected partner on the frequency of the surveys and tests).
  3. The sub-grantee to identify proper educational services and support needed by children in shelter. Education services will vary between Formal Education (FE) and/or Non-Formal Education based on the child’s education status. For children aged between 8 and 14 who have been out-of-school (OOS) or out-of-learning (OOL) can be joining the Basic Literacy and Numeracy program for a total of 256 sessions using the Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MEHE) national curriculum (80 sessions Arabic, 80 sessions Math, 80 sessions of foreign language, and 16 sessions of life skills), delivered by qualified and trained teachers. To qualify for the transition into FE, children must complete all three BLN levels after which they can be referred to Formal Education pathway.  For those children who are enrolled in FE (public schools) and who are forced to skip school for safety issues, the partner can provide homework support groups/ retention support, run by a group of facilitators from the refugee community to cover lessons they are missing out on or subject matters they need support with (these can be identified based on school grades or feedback from caregivers). Both programs will be monitored by partner staff and relevant pre and post tests will be conducted to assess children’s improvement.
  4. Sub-grantee is covering educational services' costs inside the GBV shelters, reported through financial reports (frequency to be determined).
  5. Sub-grantee is referring children to formal schools if that can be possible based on the shelter’s security and situation and following the judge’s approval, reported through quarterly narrative reports and monthly progress reports and/or referral tracking database (To be determined by the selected partner on the frequency of their database). 

Target: 120 Children, boys, and girls less than 18 years old, will be targeted during the implementation of the project.  Their exact age, segregation and distribution among the shelters will be determined based on the assessment that will be conducted upon the start of this project.

Project Locations

Under this RFP, IRC will support projects implemented in: Beirut and Mount Lebanon. In this RFP, the interested actor should submit only one application to cover the outcomes listed above.

Project Duration

IRC anticipates that the sub-grant issued under this invitation may have a start date of mid-December 2022. The project duration may extend for 10.5 months until 31 October 2023. 

How to apply


Interested actors are expected to share their questions through [email protected]. IRC will share the answers within a maximum of two-days duration.


Once you consider applying for this opportunity, you are requested to send us an email confirming your interest at [email protected]. Please submit your application electronically to IRC’s Partnerships Unit: [email protected] with the subject line “Education for Children – WB RFP. You do not need to submit hard copies. Please submit your application by Thursday, November 24th, 2022.   

Thursday, 24. Nov 2022
Type of Call
Call for Proposals
Intervention Sector(s):
Children & Youth, Education, Human Rights & Protection, Refugees