Gender equality at the heart of decent work

This report has three aims: reviewing the ILO’s progress in assisting constituents to achieve gender equality in the world of work; highlighting its current efforts to implement International Labour Conference (ILC) resolutions and Governing Body decisions on promoting gender equality and mainstreaming it in the Decent Work Agenda; and providing background for constituents to chart a strategic course for future work. The report makes the case for scaling up measures to eliminate sex discrimination in the world of work and highlights ILO interventions in all regions. The ILO approach is grounded in the rights-based argument and the economic efficiency rationale: not only is gender equality in the world of work a matter of human rights and justice for workers, it also makes good business sense for employers and is instrumental in achieving economic growth and poverty reduction at national levels. In addition, this report gives an overview of ILO efforts to improve labour protection and promote the adoption of a basic social security package that assists both women and men.

International Labour Organization
Publishing Date: 
Thursday, 1 January 2009
Resource Type: 
Studies and Reports
Economic Development, Anti-Discrimination, Gender