RFQ-Implementation Agreement for job creation activities-Storm Drains and streets cleaning-Bourj Hammoud

Within the framework of the ENABLE programme, ILO is looking for an non-profit organization as an implementing partner (IP) to implement: Outreaching activities in Bourj Hammoud area, provide employability and coaching sessions for integration within the labour market and conduct the cleaning and pruning activities in the area.

Deliverables, reporting, coordination, and timeline

Before commencement of the cleaning works, IP would submit to ILO a detailed methodology and a work plan. This methodology and workplan should be developed in close coordination with the municipality and to be endorsed by ILO. Moreover, the IP should explore and find an appropriate dumping site for disposal of garbage materials extracted from the drains. IP will submit regular progress reports while executing the cleaning activities.    

The IP will work under the overall supervision of the project engineer and shall be having regular close coordination with ILO. An upstart meeting will be organised with ILO.

The work is expected to start immediately after signing the contract with the ILO. The assignment shall span for 100 days.

Required qualifications and proposals’ submission

  • Eligible applicants are local or international non-profit organizations only, working in Lebanon.
  • The implementing partner shall have a minimum of 5 years experience in similar projects.
  • Technical capacity: the implementing partner had worked successfully on at least three major similar projects in fields related to infrastructure following
    EIIP and/or CfW modality, in the past 5 years with UN agencies or INGOs.
  • Previous experience in Bourj Hammoud would be considered as a bonus criterion for selection.

The proposal shall include:

  • Organization’s profile (to include previous projects and success stories).

The priced BoQ.

  • Capacity Statement proving the capacity to carry out the work with the necessary equipment and personnel needed.
  • Comprehensive List of projects proposed qualified personnel for this specific assignment including their CVs.
  • CV of soft skills/life skills trainer including certification.
  • Provide soft skills training curriculum.
  • A tentative workplan.

Payment schedule

15% of the total budget after submitting the outreach and trainings report tentatively expected by 31st May 2024.

85% of the total budget upon completion of cleaning and maintenance activities tentatively expected by 31st August 2024.

Payment will be made in USD bank transfers; the assignment is VAT exempted.

Please refer to the attached RFQ for more information

How to apply

Site visit

→ Mandatory Site Visit: 17 April 2024 at 12:00 PM meeting at the Bourj Hammoud municipality.

Applicants willing to attend the mandatory visit have to send a confirmation email by the 12th of April to [email protected].

Quotation Submission

The quotation shall be submitted by email on or before 22 April 2024, 14:00 PM. Quality of proposal, including cost, methodology and work plan will be considered in the evaluation process.

Proposal, including supporting documentation must be received at [email protected] , cc-ing [email protected] and [email protected]

Monday, 22. Apr 2024
Type of Call
Call for Applications
Intervention Sector(s):
Infrastructure & Services Rehabilitation