International consultancy to support the UAE Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization (MoHRE) in building the capacity of their labour inspectors on modern labour inspection procedures and practices.


Effective implementation of, and promoting compliance with, labour legislation, depends on the existence of an effective labour inspection system that operates in line with the relevant international labour standards (ILS). Labour inspectors monitor employment conditions and  occupational safety and health (OSH) standards  and examine how national labour standards are applied in the workplace and advise employers and workers on how to improve the application of national law in such areas as working time, wages, occupational safety and health, and child labour. In addition, labour inspectors bring to the notice of national authorities gaps and defects in national law. They play an important role in ensuring that labour law is applied equally to all employers and workers. Because the importance of labour inspection is recognized by the international community, the ILO has made the promotion of the ratification and implementation of the labour inspection Conventions, particularly the Labour Inspection Convention, No. 81, a priority, but challenges remain concerning implementation of those conventions, especially when it comes to the technical capacity of labour inspectors, in terms of knowledge and skills, for performing their duties in an effective manner. Therefore, the ILO is assisting the MoHRE in strengthening its inhouse training capacity by building the capacity of a number of its officials and qualifying them as labour inspection and OSH trainers. They will receive high quality training on modern labour inspection procedures and practices, and related issues, that enables them to design and implement comprehensive training programmes on a wide range of topic, including labour inspection policy and planning, designing strategies for promoting compliance with the national legislation, inspection of working conditions and employment relationship, dealing with vulnerable groups of workers, non-discrimination, OSH and others. This would ensure continuous learning and sustainable capacity development of all inspectors who would be in a better position to effectively monitor working conditions and OSH to ensure improved protection of labour rights, including the right to a safe and healthy working environment, for all workers, including migrant workers. For this purpose, the ILO is organizing a 5-day training workshop for a group of labour inspectors in Dubai, between October 2023 and February 2024, which requires the recruitment of competent and highly qualifies experts who could deliver high quality training.


The main objective of this consultancy is to contribute to building the capacity of the MoHRE officials of the UAE on modern labour inspection and OSH procedures and relevant standards and best practices at the international level, particularly on the following topics:

  1. OSH legislation in the UAE
  2. Chemical hazards in the workplace.
  3. Mechanical and ergonomic hazards.
  4. Biological hazards.
  5. Occupational diseases and their prevention
  6. Heat stress from an occupational health point of view
  7. Physical hazards in the workplace.
  8. Fire and electricity hazards.
  9. OSH in the oils and gas sector.
  10. OSH in construction.
  11. Management of occupational hazards.
  12. Personal protective equipment.
  13. Effective use of monitoring equipment.
  14. OSH in workers dormitories.
  15. Investigation of occupational accidents.
  16. ILO Guidelines on Occupational Safety and Health management Systems (ILO-OSH 2001)
  17. ISO 45001 on Occupational Safety and Health management Systems.

Scope of work

The consultant will work under the direct supervision of the Labour Inspection and OSH Specialist of the ILO Regional Office for Arab States to complete the following:

  1. Prepare training material on the following topics using the relevant ILO references and material, if available.
  2. Prepare a PP presentation on each of the mentioned topic and deliver them, in person, during the relevant training workshop/s to be organized by the ILO in collaboration with the MoHRE in Dubai between October 2023 and February 2024.
  3. Prepare 12-15 multiple choice questions, with ideal answers, on each topic.

All the above-mentioned tasks and documents should be conducted and prepared in a gender-responsive manner with adequate consideration of the UAE context, high-risk sectors and vulnerable group of workers.

All the above-mentioned tasks and documents should be conducted and prepared in a gender-responsive manner with adequate consideration of the UAE context, high-risk sectors and vulnerable group of workers.

Key Deliverables:

The consultancy has four deliverables as follows:

  1. A training material on the selected topic, in Arabic, in Word format.
  2. A PP presentation, including illustrations if possible, for each topic.
  3. Delivery of the assigned topics, in person, in the relevant workshop and specified time and date, in Dubai.

All material/documents should be provided in electronic versions, in Arabic, to the satisfaction of the ILO.

Payment Schedule

Full amount will be paid upon successful completion and delivery of the required tasks to the satisfaction of the ILO.

Special terms and conditions

  • Intellectual property: The documents prepared by the consultant under this contract will abide by ILO terms and conditions applicable to contracts and /or any other conditions agreed upon between ILO and the government of the United Arab Emirates (MoHRE). Therefore, the consultant cannot publish these without explicit written permission of the ILO and MoHRE.
  • Insurances: The ILO accepts no liability in the event of death, injury or illness of the External Collaborator. The External Collaborator attests that he/she is adequately covered by insurance for these risks. In no circumstances shall the External Collaborator be covered by any ILO insurance and it is his/her responsibility to take out, at his/her own expense, any personal insurance policies he/she may consider necessary, including a civil liability insurance policy.

Duration of the assignment and duty stations

The duration of the assignment will depend on the topic selected by, and assigned to, the consultant. over the period between October 2023 and February 2024. The exact dates and duration will be specified in the contract.

ILO shall NOT provide office space in Dubai and necessary logistics (like Laptop, Printer, Paper, internet, local travel, etc.) to carry out day to day jobs of the consultant. The ILO shall cover the cost of the relevant mission/missions to Dubai and Daily Subsistence Allowance (DSA) during the required missions as per ILO rules and regulations, The DSA will cover accommodation, local travel, and other per diem costs and will not exceed the amount listed in ILO regulations. Final decision for missions will be agreed upon with selected consultant prior initiation of contract arrangements.

Fees and payment terms

Fees are commensurate with the consultant’s qualifications and experience as well as with the previous acceptable rates for similar assignments. Terms and conditions are as per the ILO rules and procedures for the purpose. The consultant’s financial proposal should include all the costs to be incurred on travel and logistics. The consultant should also enclose any recent/latest contract to substantiate daily fee requested.

ILO’s responsibilities

The responsibility of the ILO will be to:

a) Provide the training material and references available as relevant to the task.

b) Ensure payment of agreed amounts, based on performance.

c) Any other tasks/supports as required and agreed by the ILO.

Qualifications and experience of the Consultant

The assignment will be contracted to a person with demonstrated knowledge and understanding of the skills system and best practices in addition to experience in reviews of skills policy/education policy and reviews of skills development works.

Academic Qualification:

An advanced University degree in labour inspection and/or OSH, Occupational Hygiene, Public/Environmental Health or any other related discipline; M. Phil or PhD in the relevant field will be an added value.


At least ten years of professional experience in labour inspection and/or OSH, including developing and implementing relevant capacity building and development programmes. conducting training.


  • Excellent knowledge of labour inspection and/or OSH systems and relevant ILO Conventions. f) Excellent knowledge and skills of reading, writing and speaking in Arabic. English is a plus.
  • Knowledge and ability to use computer for research and report writing.
  • Ability to work in a multi-cultural environment.
  • Must display a high standard of ethical conduct and exhibit honesty and integrity.
  • Gender-sensitive behaviour and attitude.

How to apply

Interested individuals must submit technical and financial proposals, specifying the number of working days for each selected topic and the daily fees of the consultant, to the ILO as per following:

To: [email protected]

[email protected]

Cc: [email protected] and [email protected].

Within October 9, 2023 by 17:00 pm Beirut timing. Proposals with missing documents or submitted later than the above deadline shall not be considered.

Monday, 09. Oct 2023
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