Call for Trainer - First Aid Training - MACAN-IL-00077


INJAZ Lebanon is a non-profit organization, an affiliate of Junior Achievement (JA) Worldwide, with a mission to equip youth with the skills and mindset they need to become entrepreneurs and business leaders stimulating their communities. It is also a member of INJAZ Al-Arab, a regional network of 14 countries across the MENA region. INJAZ Lebanon delivers programs in partnership with the business sector focusing on entrepreneurship, work readiness, and financial literacy.


INJAZ Lebanon is seeking an experienced "First Aid Trainer '' to conduct workshops in two specific areas: Mshmsh in Akkar and Burj Al Yahoudiye in the North. The goal is to empower individuals with crucial knowledge and skills for effective responses in emergencies.


The objective of this training is to equip participants with essential knowledge and skills, fostering immediate and effective responses in emergency situations. Encompassing a spectrum of scenarios, from addressing minor injuries to managing critical incidents, the training places particular emphasis on key areas such as CPR, respiratory distress, shock, burns, bites, stings, and poisoning. The overarching goal is to prepare participants for a diverse range of emergency scenarios, positioning them to contribute positively to their communities during crucial moments. The program is structured as a valuable tool to build a community capable of making informed and decisive actions, potentially leading to lives being saved in times of need.

Scope of Work

Schedule: Two workshops in two areas in the North, Burj Al Yahoudiye and Mshmsh Akkar. Each workshop consists of four hours divided over two days.

The First Aid Trainer will cover the following Topics:

  • Launching
  • First Aid Steps
  • Airways Obstruction
  • Unconsciousness
  • Bleeding
  • Skin Injuries
  • Bones & Joints
  • Stimulations

How to apply

To apply, please submit the following documents via email to [email protected] and [email protected] no later than 05.12.2023. Please mention in the subject line MACAN-IL-00077-First Aid Training

Quotations that are received by INJAZ Lebanon after the deadline indicated above, for whatever reason, shall not be considered for evaluation.


Please refer to the related documents to check the terms of reference.

Tuesday, 05. Dec 2023
Type of Call
Call for Proposals
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Social & Cultural Development