Linking and Learning product consultant


Hivos is an international organization that seeks new solutions to persistent global issues. With smart projects in the right places, we oppose discrimination, inequality, abuse of power and the unsustainable use of our planet’s resources. Counterbalance alone, however, is not enough. Our primary focus is achieving structural change. This is why we cooperate with innovative businesses, citizens and their organizations. We share a dream with them of sustainable economies and inclusive societies.

Hivos is implementing a 36-month project aiming to promote Freedom of Expression and Information in Tunisia of 1M USD, which ends in December 2023. This project supports the ability of journalists and media actors to effectively exercise their rights to Freedom of Expression; to promote a participatory and inclusive approach to the development and implementation of a strong and coherent legal framework that protects freedoms of expression (FoE) and access to information (AtI); and to promote public understanding and support for FoE & AtI. 


The consultant's primary objective is to create a comprehensive linking and learning document that highlights the achievements, challenges, lessons learned, and best practices of the project. The document should serve as a valuable resource for project stakeholders, partners, and the broader community working in this domain.

 Specific objectives include:

  • Summarize the project's goals, activities, and outcomes related to FoE and AtI.
  • Identify and analyse key successes, challenges, and lessons learned throughout the project's lifecycle.
  • Compile best practices that have emerged during the project.
  • Highlight collaborative efforts, partnerships, and networking opportunities that have contributed to the project's impact.
  • Create a document that encompasses the content provided above, ensuring a visually appealing and professional design.

Scope of Work

The consultant's tasks will include, but are not limited to:

  • Reviewing project documents, reports, and relevant materials to gain a comprehensive understanding of the project's evolution, activities, and outcomes.
  • Conducting interviews with project team members to gather insights and perspectives.
  • Analysing collected information to identify trends, successes, challenges, and best practices.
  • Drafting a comprehensive linking and learning document that includes project background, methodology, findings, and recommendations.
  • Providing clear and engaging visuals, such as infographics or charts, to enhance the document's visual appeal and accessibility.
  • Collaborating with the project team to ensure accuracy and alignment with project goals.
  • Incorporating feedback from project team members to refine the document.


The consultant will deliver the following:

  • A draft linking and learning document for review.
  • Revised document incorporating feedback from Hivos.
  • Finalized version of the linking and learning document in both print-ready and digital formats.


The consultant will work within the following timeline:

  • Contract signed and collaboration kick-off: 11 December 2023
  • Draft linking and learning document: 25 December 2023
  • Incorporation of feedback and revisions: 08 January 2023
  • Final document submission: 15 January 2024


The ideal consultant should possess:

  • A strong background in human rights, freedom of expression, or a related field.
  • Proven experience in producing high-quality linking and learning documents, reports, or publications.
  • Excellent research, analytical, and writing skills.
  • Proficiency in data visualization tools to create engaging visuals.
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills for conducting interviews and gathering information.

How to apply

Based on the criteria, availability and interest, we welcome you to submit (only in English) to: [email protected] , with the subject heading: “Hivos – Linking and Learning product” with the following documents:

  • A detailed CV highlighting relevant experience.
  • Samples of previous linking and learning documents or similar publications.
  • Technical Proposal demonstrating understanding of requirements.
  • Financial Proposal providing a detailed breakdown of costs in USD inclusive of all required taxes. No other expenses will be covered by Hivos.

Applications should address all requirements, otherwise application will not be considered.

Monday, 04. Dec 2023
Type of Call
Call for Consultancies
Intervention Sector(s):
Democracy & Civic rights
Remuneration range:
4000 to 5000 (USD)
Duration of Contract:
1 month