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The consultant will be based in the three FSCs; Bazbina-Akkar, El Hermel –Hermel, El Tyri Bint Jbeil.

Reporting to

The HASAD Component 2 Coordinator, at regular basis

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The overall goal of the HASAD Project is to reduce rural poverty by substantially increasing the agricultural productivity and income of the targeted households in the project area. The project has three components: (i) Water and Soil Conservation Development (WSC); (ii) Technical Support to Farmers; and (iii) Project Coordination and Management, and is implemented in the Akkar-Dannieh; North Baalbeck and Hermel; the South and Lower Litani; the Mount Lebanon and other areas over a six year period (2012 through 2018).

The objectives of the component Technical Support to Farmers, (Component 2) are to provide a comprehensive array of services to smallholder farmers, farmers’ groups and associations by assisting them in achieving their business growth and improve their household income. This support process would be made available through establishment of Farmer Service Centers (FSCs) in each Project focus area. The FSC is to be ultimately run in most efficient manner meeting the overall objective of HASAD project toward ensuring sustainable improvement of quality and quantity of crop production and better marketing of products by the farm households through strengthening the provision of extension, farming, post-harvest and marketing support services.

Under component 2, a consultancy institution was contracted to provide technical assistance/capacity building to the three FSC’s, Akkar-Danieh, Bint Jbeil and Baalbeck-Hermel.

The capacity building sessions are in line with action plan’s objectives of the FSC’s creation. The training sessions provide the needed skills and knowledge on the technical, institutional and market context. Under this assignment, HASAD has provided technical support to the FSCs to develop a complete business plan.

The provided training has already had a noticeable impact on the FSC board and staff, in terms of their strategic vision and sense of market opportunities.

However, the FSCs could benefit greatly from a hands-on business coach for the work in developing and implement the business plans, especially in marketing and financing operations.

Objective of the contract

The HASAD project intends to contract experienced individual as a business coach to support the boards of the three mentioned FSCs. The overall objective of the assignment is through training, coaching, and improving the managerial and business capability of the three FSCs

Responsibilities of the business coach and scope of work

The assigned business coach will work in close cooperation with the Coordinator of the Component 2 and under the supervision of the Project Manager. He/she is expected to achieve the follow activities: 

  1. Conduct a desk review to understand the situation analysis done for the   three FSCs; Akkar, Baalbeck El Hermel and Bint Jbeil
  2. Work with and support the FSC Management Boards to implement their business plans with the following tasks:
    1. Select needs identified in the situational analysis that can be addressed in the duration of the assignment
    2. Develop a work plan with clear milestones and allocated responsibilities to address the needs identified above. This must be done in close collaboration with the FSCs’ Management Board
    3. Determine work modalities, responsibilities
    4. Provide resources and information on how to start or grow businesses,
    5. Raise the awareness and build the skills of the FSC Management Boards, Finance Committees, and accountants on developing and interpreting financial statements, managing cash flows, and pricing strategies
    6. Update the formulated Business Plan. This work must be done with the full involvement of the FSCs’ Management Board
    7. Follow up the implementation of the Business Plan. This will be done with the full involvement of the FSC Management Boards
    8. Train and guide FSC Management Boards and Marketing Committees in development of marketing plans (incorporating advertising and public relations)
    9. Train and guide FSC Management Boards and Finance Committees to develop investment plans
  3. Build the capacities of FSCs’ Management Board on loan application process
  4. Train and guide FSC management in maintaining and updating files and databases


The expected results and deliverables are:

  • Methodology of work
  • Detailed analysis report of the current situation of each FSC, including the needs assessment to be approved by HASAD
  • Work plan for each centre's business plan that includes what/how/when /by whom;
  • The training/coaching materials on (i) financial management, (ii) marketing, (iii) leadership, (iv) project management and planning, time management,  must be reviewed/approved by HASAD;
  • The expert will launch an exercise (preparation of business plan, conducting negotiation to have access to markets) and follow its implementation by the FSC board
  • He/she will develop M&E tools to enable every FSC to monitor the implementation;
  • Marketing and investment plans for each FSC will be developed, including the capacity to access to loans and grants; and
  • Archiving system is designed and launched for each center.
  • Delivery of a plan that will enable better access to inventions and funding offered by donors
  • Development of an updated business plans
  • Development of a list of potential traders and markets
  • Final evaluation report detailing the progress of the FSCs and outlining steps for future improvement





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07 Jun, 2018
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Application Deadline:
Wednesday, 20 June 2018
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Period of Employment:
Term of contract: 1st of July till End of December 2018Part time position, for a duration of 42 working days (14 working days per FSC) according to a time table
Salary Range:
> 3000 (USD)
Education Degree:
Masters Degree
Education Degree Details:
Qualifications: Five years plus experience in managing/advising a farm service center, agribusiness, active agricultural cooperative incorporating marketing and financing operations
Experience Requirements:
5 to 10 years
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