Office of Studies or Consultancy Team for the development of a study on the analysis of the evolution of human activities in relation to Threats and Enabling Factors to the development of maritime and coastal tourism at the National Scale

Within the framework of the ENPI CBC Program "Mediterranean Sea Basin" 2014-2020, Al Midan NGO in partnership with 8 organizations from 5 Mediterranean countries, is benefiting of a funding for the implementation of a project entitled: "Co-evolution of coastal human activities & Med natural systems for sustainable tourism & Blue Growth in the Mediterranean".

The Co-Evolve4BG project aims to analyze and promote the co-evolution of coastal human activities and natural systems in coastal tourism areas, thus enabling the sustainable development of tourism activities based on the principles of Integrated Coastal Zones Management ICZM and MSP Maritime Spatial Planning and the
promotion of Blue Growth in the Mediterranean.

The Co-Evolve4BG project consortium consists of nine partners from Mediterranean countries: National Institute of Marine Sciences and Technologies as Lead Beneficiary (Tunisia), Region of Lazio (Italy – PP1), Region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace (Greece – PP2), University of Murcia (Spain – PP3), Valenciaport Foundation (Spain – PP4), National Environmental Protection Agency (Tunisia – PP5), Ministry of Public Works and Transport (Lebanon – PP6), Al Midan NGO (Lebanon – PP7) and Amwaj of the Environment NGO (Lebanon – PP8).

Within the framework of the task group (WG3) on the analysis of threats and potential factors for the co-evolution of tourism and ecosystem management in Mediterranean coastal areas, AL MIDAN NGO proposes to entrust a consultancy firm/team with the task of carrying out the analysis of the evolution of human activities in relation to the Threats and Enabling Factors (T&EF) of the development of maritime and coastal tourism on a national scale.

How to apply

NOTE: Due to the current lockdown, the submission process has been changed into sending your bids (envelopes) by email to [email protected] in a password-protected zipped files (with the same order of envelopes as described in the CCT), where the passwords will be sent by email at the deadline on 21 January, 2021.

Bids can be deposited directly at the AL MIDAN’s Co-evolve 4BG office after checking and reading the PDF documents attached in the Related Documents Section:
Sinnelfeel Highway, Aariss Bldg., above Al Hallab Sweets, 1st flr., Tel.: 01 491222
In closed envelopes or sent by post to the address indicated above (Article 10).
All bids received after the deadline of 21/01/2021 at 12h00min will be qualified as non-admissible, the stamp of the AL MIDAN NGO's Registry Office) is proof.

Thursday, 21. Jan 2021
Type of Call
Call for Consultancies
Intervention Sector(s):
Development, Environment, Research & Studies
Remuneration range:
> 6000 (USD)
Duration of Contract:
90 Calendar Days.