Public Tender for the Provision of Plastering and Piping Tools and Materials

  1. Context

With the aim of ensuring that all students of the BT programme “Bâtiment et Travaux Publics” whose learning has been frequently interrupted in the previous year, will receive the chance to stay engaged in learning throughout the current scholastic year, the EU-funded ProVTE Project, implemented by GIZ, has developed a concept to move the implementation from workshop-based Travaux Pratiques (TPs) to blended modalities and home-based TPs, which will ensure the continuity of the academic year despite the challenges. In this set up, students will learn using online tutorials then will conduct the practical activities at home using a home-kit that was specifically designed for this purpose, beside practicing in the schools’ workshop on real scale models whenever the schools are open again.

  1. Objectives

Aiming at implementing a fully-rounded and comprehensive plan, and after developing and testing the home-kits, 8 TVET teachers in BT2 at 8 selected schools were trained to deliver each of the TPs: “Plastering” TP in BT1 and “Installing water and sewage pipes for a bathroom”.

Following the ToT, students at the selected TVET schools will start learning using their Practical Training Home-Kits and the online tutorials that were filmed for this purpose. 3 Practical Training Home-Kits will be purchased for each of the mentioned TPs at each school and will rotate among an estimated number of 15 students per class.

According to the adopted blended modality, it is required to provide the schools’ workshops with materials, handy tools and consumables, to complement the work that will be done by students at home using the Practical Training Home-Kit. Students will also attend practical sessions at the school workshop whenever possible to work on real scale models and increase their hands-on experience.

In order to be able to proceed with the delivery of these TPs based on blended learning modality and using the Practical Training Home-Kits for the 8 VTE schools, the project needs to procure and deliver piping and plastering tools and materials to these 8 VTE schools/institutes across Lebanon.


  1. Outputs/Results

Provision and delivering of piping and plastering tools and materials to 8 VTE schools/institutes[1] across Lebanon as per the quantity and specifications listed in the uploaded annex and as per a time schedule to be shared at a later stage.


  1. Requirements for interested candidates


  • Registration under the Lebanese rules and regulations
  • Previous experience in procurement of construction tools and materials on development projects / international organizations
  • Proven track record of delivering good quality of construction tools and materials (flyers, brochures, etc...)
  • Delivery of the listed tools and materials within a maximum of 10 days after approval and as per a time schedule to be shared by the project at a later stage

[1] Location of the VTE schools/institutes:
-           North Leb: Zgharta and Doussa (Akkar)

-           Mount Leb: Dekwaneh and Chehim

-           South Leb: Saida and Toul (Nabatieh)

-           Bekaa: Bekaa (Al Khyara) and Rashaya

How to apply

The applicant shall submit to the following email address: [email protected] all the required documents (listed below) in PDF format on Friday 22.01.2021 by 23:59 Beirut Local Time at the latest. The subject line of the mail must be clearly marked as follows: “Company name- Tools and  Materials – O#91147701- ProVte ”


  • One PDF file shall be sent for the Technical Offer and another PDF file for the Financial Offer. Your PDF files shall be named as follows:
    • Your Company’s name /Technical offer/ Tender no. 91147701
    • Your Company’s name /Financial offer/ Tender no. 91147701
  • The offers shall be submitted in English language only.
  • The offers shall be signed & stamped.
  • The financial offer must be in USD, should be valid at least for Four Weeks after the submission date (Please mention it in your offer).
  • You shall not be reimbursed for your submitted offers.


Technical and Financial offers/Proposals (in two Separate PDF files),


1-Technical Offer/Proposal which consists of:

  • Company profile & at least 3 successfully completed similar projects, with their relevant Certificate of Completion / Good Performance issued by the client, client name and contact information
  • The legal registration of the company and Ministry of Finance registration number


2- Financial Offer/Proposal, which should consist of:

  • Financial Offer/Proposal template filled in USD, mentioning the date of the quotation, the supplier’s details (Name, address, contact details, MoF number) and addressed to GIZ ProVTE (MoF # 1801835)


If you have questions about this call for tender, please contact us at the following email ([email protected]). Deadline for questions is 19.01.2021 before 23:59.


Note: Only applications containing the mentioned documents will be taken into consideration.

Friday, 22. Jan 2021
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Calls for Tenders
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