Expression of Interest for the Provision of a Commercial and Legal Eligibility Check of a Potential Partner Organization in Lebanon

Project: Experts for Municipal Partnerships Worldwide (FKPW)



The German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) has commissioned GIZ to implement the programme ‘Experts for Municipal Partnerships Worldwide’ (FKPW). The programme promotes active partnerships between municipalities, towns, cities and districts in Germany and the Global South. FKPW arranges local and international experts to work on local assignments for two years in one or more municipalities or a municipal corporation in the Global South.

Within the partnership between Althengstett (Germany) and Chekka (Lebanon), a Local Expert shall be employed to work for Chekka Municipality. The Local Expert shall promote the framework and basic structure for a coordinated and sustainable vocational training programme, supported by exchange between the municipalities of Althengstett and Chekka.


The GIZ project intends to conclude a financing contract based on a proposal by the partner organization, which is currently being developed.


Requested Service: Commercial and legal eligibility check (based on GIZ rules and regulations)

Before any financing, grant or subsidy agreement can be granted, a check must be conducted to determine whether a potential recipient is eligible.

This involves checking the potential recipient’s legal personality and statutory public-benefit status. These legal checks are designed to ensure compliance with public-benefit legislation. 

As a general rule, the legal form of the recipient will help to determine the appropriate method of financing, i.e. whether the funds are granted under a financing, grant or subsidy agreement or under a local subsidy agreement.


Local subsidies can be granted to natural and legal persons and other associations that are ‘in need’ of additional funds (e.g. start-up financing, scholarships) and/or that do not have the necessary administrative and commercial structures and therefore need support from GIZ to handle the subsidy.


By contrast, financing agreements, grant agreements and subsidy agreements are awarded only to legal persons or incorporated entities. Checks are conducted or evidence required in individual cases.


Tasks of the contractor

The Contractor assesses the commercial suitability of Chekka Municipality and evaluates whether the municipality is eligible for a grant agreement with GIZ or not.

In details, the contractor will;


  • Make him/herself familiar with GIZ standards and rules for financial suitability check
  • Contact with the Recipient Chekka Municipality to request the necessary documents
  • Preforms a desk review of these documents
  • Visits the recipient’s HQ in Lebanon to perform a real-life check, if needed in individual cases
  • Collects and summarises the information on legal form of institution/organisation, public benefit status, accounting system, contract award procedures, internal and external controls and previous experiences with other donors of the organisation
  • Fills in the commercial suitability review (Annex 1) according to the GIZ regulations (Annex 2) and provides all necessary supporting documents (collected in one file)


GIZ will provide the contractor with:

  • GIZ templates and regulations  



The contractor will deliver the following work results:

  • Commercial suitability review (Annex 1) for every partner (in English) together with all necessary supporting documents (collected in one file)

How to apply

The applicant shall submit to the following email address: [email protected] all the required documents (listed below) in PDF format . The subject line of the mail must be clearly marked as follows: “Provision of KEP assessment / Experts for Municipal Partnerships Worldwide (FKPW) ”

Required documents:

A cover letter explaining your expertise in the field requested

An updated CV (in Eng)

Please refer to the attached document on guidlines 

Friday, 18. Sep 2020
Type of Call
Call for Consultancies
Intervention Sector(s):
Coordination & Information management
Remuneration range:
1000 to 2000 (USD)
Duration of Contract:
01.10.2020 till 31.10.2020