A. Budget and Expenditure

 a. Verify that the progress report/final report has been filled correctly with respect to formal and accounting aspects.

b. Authenticate that the expenditure declared complies with the grant application form, grant contract, partnership agreement, i.e. whether it has been planned in the project and is settled in accordance with the eligibility rules and within the correct expenditure category.

c. Check that the lead beneficiary has transferred funds to the project partner(s) in accordance with the grant application form, grant contract and partnership agreement.

d. Make sure the costs, expenditure and revenue of the project as well as the equipment, intangible assets purchased, and the construction completed works have been delivered and correctly recorded in the financial/accounting system of the project beneficiary.

e. Verify the compliance of the expenditure incurred with the national regulations and Program requirements (regulations on state aid, visibility, publicity, environment protection and equitable opportunities, if applicable).

f. Check that the expenditure has been actually incurred and paid, except for simplified methods of expenditure settlement and no separate accounting system is kept.

g. Verify the method of archiving of project documentation.

h. Verify that the beneficiary has implemented recommendations following the controls and audits carried out and has remedied the irregularities if any.

B. Activities

a. Verify whether the substantive scope of the project is being implemented in accordance with the schedule of the grant contract, including whether the required indicators have been achieved.

b. Verify whether the project implementation progress has been clearly and fully reflected in the reports and whether there is immediate access to the record of activities that have been completed, verifying the appropriate documentation of goods deliveries, service provision and construction works both in progress and finished.

C. Procurement

a. Verify that the contractors of services, deliverables and works under the project have been selected through the appropriate tender procedures, including compliance with the national public procurement procedures.

b. Check the documentation confirming the delivery of co-financed goods, services and construction works.

c. Authenticate the complete tender documentation for contracts awarded under the project in accordance with the national bypassing law.

d. Verify the documentation of the selection of the subcontractor for contracts awarded under the project whose values are below the national thresholds for the application of public procurement procedures (considering the Program requirements for contracts).

e. Verify whether the award of contracts has complied with competition rules specified in Program documents.


A Financial Audit is requested at the end of each project year

First Audit Period: 5/11/2019 till 5/11/2020

Second Audit Period: 5/11/2020 till 5/11/2021

Third Audit Period: 5/11/2021 till 4/11/2022

How to apply

Send the tender to Mrs. Marie-Thérèse Tarabay: [email protected] before the 10th of May 2020.

Sunday, 10. May 2020
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