Penstock Rehabilitation of Rechmaya Power Plant

Project Background

The Innovation for Affordable and Renewable Energy for All (INARA) Activity program is a multi-year project funded by USAID. USAID’s goal for the Innovation for Affordable and Renewable Energy for All (INARA) Project is to increase the supply of electricity generated at the municipal level; and to increase the municipal power supply’s cost effectiveness, eco-friendliness, sustainability, and reliability, while clarifying and strengthening the enabling environment for renewable energy (RE).  The INARA Activity’s purpose is to maximize access to power for the largest number of beneficiaries possible through increasing Lebanon’s supply of renewable energy.

Service to be provided 

The Subcontractor shall provide the following but not limited to work/service and as described in the attached RFP and Bill of Quantities:

  • Dismantling and deconstructing the existing 166 meters of damaged/deformed penstock.
  • Soil investigation and piling work
  • Conduct Engineering calculation and design
  • Conduct piling work or other mitigation methods based on Soil investigation and civil/structural engineering calculation
  • Completing topographical work to identify the critical points for the installation of the new penstock along with its support structures.
  • Completing the needed civil and construction works for the platform underneath the penstock.
  • Completing the needed civil and construction work of the support structures that will hold the new penstock.
  • Testing of penstock in factory with the presence of INARA personnel or its representative
  • Penstock installation.
  • Penstock Site tests with the presence of INARA personnel or its representative
  • Landscape work after penstock installation.


The Subcontractor shall seek close guidance from DT Global INARA’s team whenever necessary.



 Qualifications of the Subcontractor  

  1. Professional experience of the Subcontractor team:


  • Top technical position:  Civil/Structural Engineer acting as project manager– minimum 7 years of experience.
  • On-site civil engineering background, with 5 years of experience
  • Geotechnical engineer/specialist with a minimum of 5 years of experience
  • One health, safety, and environmental compliance officer



  1. Experience/knowledge with USAID projects and regulations is an added qualification.


  1. Offeror should submit evidence of previous experience in executing similar projects. The minimum requirement is to have executed, at least water supply projects. One submitted project should include pipes installation of larger diameter.

How to apply

Bidders must submit their Technical and Financial offers separately to DT Global on  [email protected]. Proposals must be submitted separately via two different emails. The first email shall include the technical proposal as an attachment and should be named “Technical Proposal” and the second email shall include the cost/business proposal and should be named “Cost Proposal.Applications that do not follow this naming methodology in the subject line will not be considered.

Bidders shall submit their offer no later than August 31, 2022.

Wednesday, 31. Aug 2022
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