Invitation to BID

ITB#: ITB/2021/001

Date: 23/Feb/2021

CLOSING DATE AND TIME:  08/03/2021 – 4:00pm

About Development for People and Nature Association – DPNA

Development for People and Nature Association (DPNA) established in 2003, is a nongovernmental, secular association that works through a wide range of networks of civil society organizations (CSOs) to meet the needs of the local community on the basis of sustainable development. These relationships are part of the organization scale up ability.

DPNA’s Vision is to have a democratic and non-violent society where all citizens enjoy their rights and freedoms. As for its Mission, it is to educate, empower, mobilize, and enable citizens to change and meet the needs of the communities specifically the marginalized groups in rural, bordered, and poverty areas, on the basis of human rights and sustainable development.

Partnership with UNICEF is one of the core and main partnerships that the organization has. The partnership with UNICEF dates back to 2017, for it is currently achieving its success through a WaSH program that targets the vulnerable Syrian refugees living in overcrowded informal settlements (ISs) and provide them with a wide range of services.

With the spread of the COVID-19 and the unprecedented rise of infections across the nation since March 2020, DPNA continues with the provision of the needed assistance to the vulnerable refugees as well as the marginalized Lebanese hosting communities through the distribution of Intervention, prevention, and control (IPC) kits. The IPC kits include cleaning and personal protective equipment’s to people who test positive to COVID19 and are home isolated.Here to mention that the required PPEs are also secured through cleaning and laundry services to various isolation centers in South Lebanon, Mount Lebanon, and Beirut to support the healthcare frontline workers and population at risk in Lebanon.

About the WaSH program:

This program is a priority for the host community and refugees and responding for the needs of the vulnerable groups by providing rehabilitation for the WASH facilities, installing latrines with linking them to the sewage system, delivery of hygiene promotion sessions, and hygiene kits distribution for the refugees in informal settlements. The project’s main activities are as follows:

  1. Provision of access to safe drinking water through water trucking or other modalities
  2. Provision of water storage capacity at household level
  3. Construction / Rehabilitation of latrines/toilets at household level with connection to an appropriate sludge management mechanism
  4. Site sludge removal

Moreover and through its response to the increasing urgent needs due to the COVID-19 pandemic, UNICEF through its partners is providing supplies and technical support to fight against the emerging virus to support the healthcare frontline workers and population at risk in Lebanon.

Objective of the bid:

For the aforementioned, DPNA announces the launch of a bid in order to provide Intervention, prevention, and control (IPC) kits. The kits should include cleaning and personal protective equipment that should comply with the health, sanitation, and protection standards of the world health organization (WHO) and the ministry of public health (MoPH) of Lebanon.

DPNA invites qualified and eligible suppliers, registered with the Lebanese Government, to make a firm offer for the supply and delivery of IPC kits for DPNA’s COVID-19 response activity within its WaSH project being implemented in direct partnership with UNICEF.

This document in not construed, in any way, as an offer to contract with your firm.

Important Notes:

  1. Technical specifications and requirements are fully explained in Annex A
  2. All bids will be evaluated based on Prices, Quality and Delivery terms offered.
  3. Kit Composition details available in “Annex C”
  4. Only UNICEF and DPNA logos should be posted on the kits.
  5. Supplier(s) shall include 1 guiding flyers (1 flyer per kit)
  6. DPNA is responsible to provide the logos stickers and the guiding flyers.
  7. Based on the project implementation and availability of funds, the MINIMUM that may be requested is 3000 kits and the MAXIMUM is 10,000 over the contract’s validity period.
  8. DPNA has the right to award the project to several suppliers based on the availability of IPC kits

Mandatory requirements:

  1. Company must provide the registration documents (Business Registry / Tax Registry (registration copy to be provided).
  2. Company must have experience working in supplies with NGOs (Please provide three references)
  3. Filing, signing and stamping the ITB/2021/001 to indicate the acceptance of the company on the required technical specification and delivery terms.
  4. Financial offer form “Annex B’’ to be filled by hand signed, and stamped.


  1. Bidder(s) shall guarantee their capacity to provide a total of one thousand (1000) kits 10 days after the contract signature date,
  2. Bidder(s) shall guarantee their capacity to deliver a total of one thousand (1000) kits one week after an official request submitted by DPNA and sent by email,
  3. Supplier(s) shall be responsible to ensure that the delivered kits match the technical specifications mentioned in Annex (A).


  • Bidder(s) are required to submit all their queries in  respect  of  this  request  for quote to [email protected] copying [email protected]
  • Language: Bids shall be prepared in English and /or Arabic
  • Currency: your quote shall be submitted in USD
  • Prices: Unit cost most be provided excluding VAT and it must be ‘’all-inclusive’ price”. The price shall include (kits’ packaging + delivery + offloading)


The following details shall also be provided along with the offer:

  1. Delivery time: We are requesting an estimate of a minimum of 3000 kits  and a maximum total of 10,000 kits to be received on batches of 625 kits every week (Delivery schedule)
  2. Delivery terms:  the bidder(s) shall guarantee the delivery of the supplies to the warehouse of DPNA in Saida city,
  3. Warranty for the supplied items:  The warehouse and logistics officers at DPNA will inspect the kits upon delivery to the warehouse whilst ensuring DPNA’s right to reject the items / kits that don’t match the technical specifications mentioned in Annex (A) and the supplier(s) must provide the alternative within a period of 2 working days.
  4. Bid validity: Supplier(s) are requested to hold their proposal valid till end of June 2021 from date of submission,
  5. Delivery Location: DPNA warehouse,Sainiq, Saida, South Lebanon,
  6. Payment terms:DPNA will make a monthly installment for the supplier(s) . The payment will be issued 15 working days after receiving the invoice in hard copy including the cost of batches delivered during the month. The invoice shall be submitted at DPNA office in Saida city. DPNA will facilitate the payment in Fresh USD through bank withdrawal or through bank transfer.

How to apply


Bid must be submitted as follows:

1. by e-mail in PDF format including items’ pictures of good resolution to [email protected] copying [email protected]

               Please indicate in the e-mail subject field:

               A- ITB/2021/001

               B- Name of the firm

2. hard copy in a sealed envelope including items’ pictures of good resolution and submitted in hand at DPNA office in Saida in addition to a sample kit including all the required supplies  as attached in the specifications list Annex (A)

3. Financial quotations to be submitted ONLY in the sealed envelop and handed to the procurement officer.

Logistical Support

Bidder(s) will be responsible for organizing their own logistics for delivery of kits (vehicles, fuel, drivers and workers to offload the kits at DPNA warehouse).

All bids must be received latest by date 08/03/2021 at 4:00 pm or earlier.

Thank you and we look forward to receiving your quotation.

Monday, 08. Mar 2021
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