“Rfq No. Rfq-Dai-Livcd-Y4-156 Grape Molasses Equipment”

To all interested legally registered Lebanese companies specialized in providing Grape Molasses Equipment, Development Alternatives, Inc. (DAI) implementing the USAID- funded Lebanon Industry Value Chain Development (LIVCD) Project formally is extending the RFQ-DAI-LIVCD-Y4-156 and inviting interested bidders to participate in a competitive procurement process, requiring interested companies to submit a Request for Quotation (RFQ) for "Grape Molasses Equipment"(De-stemming crushing machine, Closed tank pneumatic press, Mono pump, Two nozzle semi-automatic filling machine, fitting and pipes). The full RFQ, including all specifications, terms, and conditions is available by sending an email to: [email protected]. All final bids must be received by LIVCD through email by Friday June 17, 2016 at 6:00pm to, Beirut, Lebanon local time and clearly marked “RFQ No. RFQ-DAI-LIVCD-Y4-156 Grape Molasses Equipment”

Friday, 17. Jun 2016
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