Public Call for Tender nb. 83448578 Short-term Expert Establishing TVET School Advisory Boards to the Project- 18.2208.9-001.00 QuaVet

The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, hereinafter referred to as "The Employer", intends to award the “Appraiser” hereinafter referred to as “Consultant” to provide our GIZ -QuaVet project with "Consultancy Services for Establishing TVET Schools Advisory Boards".


Brief on Quavet Project;

The project "Improving the Quality and Attractiveness of Vocational Education and Training in Lebanon" aims to increasingly align vocational education and training in sectors with sustainable employment potentials with the needs of the Lebanese economy.

Emphasis is placed on improving the partnership between vocational training institutions and the private sector, strengthening human resource capacity in vocational training institutions, and developing practice-oriented training programs. The target groups of the project are young people, unemployed and underemployed adults who want to improve their employment prospects through qualifications relevant to the labor market.

The implementing partner is the Directorate General for Vocational and Technical Education (DGVTE), which lacks the capacity at various levels to involve the private sector in vocational education and training. This concerns curriculum development, teacher training, and the expansion of practical elements in teaching. The project's advisory approach includes establishing and advising coordination bodies with representatives of the state vocational training sector and company representatives at the macro and steering levels, piloting cooperation models between vocational training institutions and the private sector, systematic human resources development in public vocational training institutions and testing competency-based, modularized training programs.


Context of the proposed service request;

In relation to promoting the link between the public TVET system and the needs of the employers in the country, the Lebanese Minister of Education issued a resolution to establish a School Advisory Board (SAB) in technical schools and institutes. The National Strategic Framework for TVET in Lebanon (2018) also states the necessity of activating these boards as a tool to enhance cooperation between education and employers, being a vital link between vocational and technical education and the business and industry sector.

The SABs assure the relevance of the technical and vocational education programs to the community and the business world and guide the technical schools towards developing competencies that are and will be required in the workplace.

The QuA-VET project will support the establishment of 10 School Advisory Boards (SABs). So far, five boards have been established, and the execution of their working meetings has been started. Five more advisory boards will be established by the end of the project. It is worth mentioning that the QuA-VET team aims to put the process on the right track by supporting the boards in their working meetings till the end of the project.

Within the framework of capacity-building for advisory board members, so far, the project delivered two sessions of one-month capacity-building training for SAB members by ITCILO as follows: One session in November-December 2022, and one session in July-August 2023, and plans to deliver more sessions of this training to members of advisory boards that will be established in the coming months. Furthermore, the training courses on competency-based assessment were started in July and provided to four technical schools and institutes and will be offered to the remaining 6 advisory board members until the end of the project. 

The execution of the Services will be performed within the frame of the Technical Cooperation between the Federal Republic of Germany and the Republic of Lebanon.

The bidders who are interested in participating in the tender must read and comply with the instructions and the Terms of Reference contained in the tender document.


The Tender Documents consist of:

Annex1- Terms of Reference

Annex2 - Financial Offer Template

Annex3 - Grid for the technical assessment of bids

Annex 4- General Terms and Conditions

Annex 5- Self-declaration on EU Russia sanctions

How to apply

If you are willing to provide the service, you are kindly requested to abide by the following instructions:


The offers/Proposals shall be sent in TWO separate emails to the following email: [email protected]

Latest by Thursday September 28th 2023, till 23:59 o’clock (Beirut Local Time).

Note: Sending your offers to any other email address or non-compliance with any of the mentioned conditions will result in rejecting your participation in this tender.


Two Emails shall be sent, one for the Technical Offer and another email for the Financial Offer.

 Your email subject lines shall be named as follows:

-Consultant Name/Technical offer/ Tender no. 83448578

-Consultant Name/ Financial offer/ Tender no. 83448578

  1. The offers shall be submitted in English language only.
  2. The offers shall be signed & stamped.
  3. The financial offer must be in USD only including VAT, should be valid at least for Four Months after the submission date (Please mention it in your offer).
  4. You shall not be reimbursed for your submitted offers.



Technical and Financial offers/Proposals (in two Separate Emails), as follows:

Technical Offer/Proposal which consists of:

- Consultant’s updated CV

-Annex 4- General Terms and Conditions signed

-Annex 5- Self-declaration on EU Russia sanctions signed


 Financial Offer/Proposal, which should consist of:

- Bank account details of the consultant inside Lebanon (fresh account if any)

- Financial Offer (please use Annex2 Financial Offer Template and quote your fee in USD incl. VAT)


The technical offer has a weighting of T:70% and the price offer F:30%


Additional Conditions:

- This call is only for consultants, Companies applying for this call will not be considered.

- The currency of the contract is USD. The employer shall not be responsible for any currency fluctuation.

- The payment will be made via bank transfer to the company’s local bank account “fresh money”.

- Non -compliance may result in your bid not to be considered.

- Please note that in case you did not receive any notification in writing within 4 weeks after the deadline for submitting the offers/quotations, it shall indicate that your offer has not been accepted. You shall not receive a separate notice to this effect.


Further information, regarding the intended project, may be obtained in writing by sending an email to [email protected] during normal office hours by 22.09.2023.

Noting that in your e-mail the subject should be:  Consultant Name-Inquiry–Tender nb.83448578/QuaVet

Thursday, 28. Sep 2023
Type of Call
Call for Consultancies
Intervention Sector(s):
Remuneration range:
> 6000 (USD)
Duration of Contract:
Starting October 2023 Until End of August 2024