Expression of Interest nb. 83439419 Construction Companies for “Energy-Efficient Sludge Management System 16.2090.5-001.00 WAMA

The project “Enhancing Water Resource Management” project (WAMA), financed by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and implemented by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, intends to implement an Energy-Efficient Sludge Management System in Tebnine Wastewater Treatment Plant in Bint Jbeil District, South Lebanon.


GIZ intends to contract an engineering consultancy firm with provable experience and know-how in wastewater design & supervision of related construction works and in the design of energy-efficient sludge management systems.

The scope of work for the requested Engineering Services:

A Feasibility Study for an energy-efficient sludge management system with different technological options for the implementation of a pilot project in Tebnine Wastewater Treatment Plant.


Experienced and suitably qualified consultants with experience in the design and supervision of wastewater treatment plants and expertise in sludge management are sought to perform the assignment.


The goal of this EOI is to create a short-list containing up to five (5) most qualified engineering consultant firms.

All interested legally registered Lebanese engineering firms which qualify for consideration in the selection procedure, are required to submit the following information and documents for an eligibility assessment. To ensure the completeness of the needed documents please take care that the documents / information in your application have the same order as mentioned below:

  1. Official letter expressing interest (letter must be attached)
  2. Company details including full company name, full address, phone and email (data / information to be filled in A10 / Questionnaire)
  3. Copy of company registration certificate. (Copies to be attached)
  4. Company profile including number of employees (permanent / temporary in total) mentioning their job position / qualification (To be filled in A10 / Questionnaire) and short CVs for the staff (document like CVs, organigram related to this specific project etc... shall be attached separately)
  5. At least (5) reference projects of design/ supervision services of similar nature as specified above in wastewater treatment / sludge management system. Reference projects must be performed within the last eight (8) years). Reference projects to be named and specified in A10 / Questionnaire, projects description max 2 DIN A 4 pages per project shall be attached separately). 
  6. Total value of Design/supervision for each of reference project named / listed under (item 6) performed within the last eight (8) years (data/information to be filled in A10 / Questionnaire)
  7. Annual total turnover for each of the last five (5) years (minimum 40.000, - EUR / year as an average) (data / information to be filled in A10 / Questionnaire; copies with official third-party accounting reports for the annual turnover should be attached separately)

Tax registration number at the Ministry of Finance of the company.

How to apply

The information and documents specified above shall be submitted in PDF format on June 4th 2023 - by 23:59 Beirut Local Time at the latest to the following email address: [email protected] The subject line must be clearly marked as follows:


83439419 “Energy-Efficient Sludge Management System

in Tebnine WWTP, Bint Jbeil District – South Lebanon”


Kindly note that complete tender documents will be sent to up to five (5) best ranked and shortlisted companies / consultancies which will be assessed as eligible and qualified by GIZ based on the information and documents submitted as specified above. Please note that to be assessed eligible all documents and information as per the request must be provided and a total score of at least 80% of max possible points must be achieved to be short-listed. Amongst the companies which reached more than 80% of max. possible points, the five (5) companies with the highest points will be short-listed.

If you have questions about this call for expression of interest, please contact us at the following email ([email protected]). Deadline for questions is Friday, May 26th 2023, before 23:59 Beirut Local Times.

N.B. The maximum mailbox receive size is capped at 25 MB. Documents exceeding the mentioned MB should be transferred via : Start ( (Please provide us with the password in the email)

Sunday, 04. Jun 2023
Type of Call
Call for Consultancies
Intervention Sector(s):
Infrastructure & Services Rehabilitation
Remuneration range:
> 6000 (USD)
Duration of Contract:
from July till end of December 2023