Daleel Madani in January 2022: Latest members, opportunities, and more

Daleel Madani in January at a glance

- Over 1,778,000 million visits from readers around the world.

- 500 + jobs were published this month on Daleel Madani, the majority of which were posted by local civil society organizations, and the majority were full-time contracts. Most of the jobs published were in the following sectors: Children & Youth, Development, and Human Rights & Protection. View all available professional opportunities in the sector here.

- 180+ calls were published, including 65+ calls for consultancies and 50+ calls for proposals. View all available calls in the sector here.

- Number of civil society organisations registrations has been steadily increasing since August 2021, with 8 registrations this month only!

- 8 organisations from Lebanon, Germany, and Belgium registered on Daleel Madani. 


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Monday, 31 January 2022
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Newsletter and/or Periodical
Civil Society Development
Civil Society Development