Context & Background

The ARYAF program, is aimed at strengthening the capacity of Micro Small Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) operating in rural areas. The ARYAF program will provide support to MSMEs operating in the food processing, hospitality, tourism, and related sectors within the regions of Bekaa and Mount Lebanon. The program will encompass a range of activities, including the mapping of MSMEs, preparation of a business continuity plan, conducting needs assessments, and providing targeted support and financial grants.


The key objectives and outputs are narrowed as follows:

Key Objectives

  • Increase visibility and awareness of the products and services of ARYAF’s beneficiaries.
  • Engage with key media outlets and influencers to generate positive coverage.
  • Create opportunities for meaningful interactions with stakeholders during roadshow events.
  • Generate Quantitative Report

For that purpose of this project is to develop and coordinate content for ARYAF program. The project aims to effectively communicate the key messages and objectives of these initiatives through various promotional materials.

Scope of work and Deliverables

The Consultant is expected to fulfill the following in addition to any other task required:

  1. Research and Planning:
  • Identify suitable eco-touristic destinations and activities in the Mount-Lebanon area based on the beneficiaries of the program.
  • Develop detailed itineraries for eco-touristic trips, including hiking routes, cultural visits, and other relevant activities.
  • Coordinate with local stakeholders and beneficiaries of the ARYAF program to ensure alignment with program goals and objectives.
  1. Media Management:
  • Conduct comprehensive research to identify relevant media outlets, journalists, bloggers, and influencers within the target regions/markets.
  • Develop a strategic plan for media tours, including itinerary, messaging, spokesperson selection, and logistics.
  • Liaise with media entities to coordinate media participation in the eco-touristic trips.
  • Facilitate media briefings and interviews during the trips to highlight the objectives and impact of the ARYAF program.
  • Ensure adequate media coverage of the eco-touristic trips through press releases, photo opportunities, and social media engagement.
  • Monitor media coverage and provide regular reports to the client, including attendee lists, media clips, and coverage reports.
  1. Logistics and Execution:
  • Arrange transportation, accommodation, and catering by utilizing the ARYAF beneficiaries for participants, including media representatives and their guests.
  • Oversee the execution of eco-touristic activities, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience for all participants.
  • Provide on-site support and assistance to address any logistical or operational issues that may arise during the trips.
  1. Budget Management:
  • Efficiently manage the allocated budget to optimize the tour and achieve the desired outcomes.
  1. Reporting and Analysis:
  • Capture photos, videos, and testimonials from participants to document their experiences during the eco-touristic trips.
  • Compile media coverage and social media mentions related to the ARYAF program and eco-touristic activities.
  • Prepare a comprehensive report summarizing the outcomes and impact of the eco-touristic trips, including media reach and engagement metrics.


Deliverables and Timeline

Managing the tour campaign for ARYAF

  • Due date: March 14 & 15, 2024.

Tour campaign report

  • Due date: Monday, March 18, 2024.


Reporting and Communication

  • The service provider will report and provide regular updates to Raghid Jarrah, Communication and Outreach Coordinator at Berytech.
  • Communication channels will include emails and phone messages.

Evaluation and Approval:

  • The deliverables will be evaluated based on the quality, accuracy, and adherence to the objectives.
  • The responsible person/department will review and approve each deliverable before finalization.
  • Suppliers related to goodie bag items will be provided and covered by Berytech in accordance to the plan developed for the media tour.

Payment terms

Payment will be made upon the completion of the deliverables.


The allocated budget for this position is a maximum of $4000 USD 

How to apply

Interested parties should submit their detailed Financial and detailed plan seperated by March 11, 2024, to [email protected]  with the title :"ARYAF Roadshow Execution"

NB: Due to the high volume of applicants, only the selected supplier will be selected.

Monday, 11. Mar 2024
Type of Call
Call for Proposals
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Communications & Media