Basmeh & Zeitooneh is calling for Trainers to join the Incubator Project, to train and support startup and local CSOs/ CBOs, to share their experience and expertise with the participants. The project aims to develop and empower civil society actors by providing professional tailored training and coaching through an in-depth analysis of the needs of civil society organizations and the continuous follow-up of these organizations during the training and learning period.

Learning period will take place over the months between February and November 2021.

Trainings areas: TBD

Administrative Package:

  1. Financial Management for CBOs
  2. Governance
  3. Theory of Change
  4. Strategic Planning and Organizational Structural
  5. Logistics and Procurement Management
  6. Human Resources Management
  7. Writing Projects proposals and Reporting Skills
  8. Project Management
  9. Monitoring and Evaluation
  10. Risk Management
  11. Leadership

Civic Package:

  1. Advocacy and Lobbing
  2. Community Mobilization
  3. Designing Campaigns
  4. Networking
  5. Active Citizenship
  6. Human Rights and Democracy
  7. Conflict Analysis and Conflict Resolution
  8. Nonviolent Communication
  9. Civil Work Strategies
  10. Political empowerment and education
  11. Positive Masculinity / Male involvement in gender issues

Trainers will be responsible of the following:

  • Provide a 4-5day training workshop on their field of expertise for CSOs/CBOs.
  • Provide Coaching and mentoring sessions according to the CSOs/CBOs needs.
  • Prepare and design the training materials, tools, presentation and activities.
  • Develop pre- test as well as evaluation forms to evaluate the progress of the participants at each session


  • 3-5 years of experience , whether in the private, public or in a civil society organization
  • Previous experience in the development sectors (such as in livelihood, protection, education etc.) is a plus, especially start-up and small community based organizations.
  • Experience in using virtual training platforms.
  • Proven experience as a trainer, previous experience in business training is a plus
  • Working experience in a multicultural context


  • Proficiency in Arabic language (oral / written) mandatory
  • Ability to communicate in English
  • Good ability to work in Microsoft  Word, Excel, Access and Power Point
  • Adapted to multi-national teams
  • Ability to multi-task


  • Good communication skills and comfortable speaking to crowds
  • Autonomy, dynamism, proactivity and flexibility
  • Organizational skills and human relations competency
  • Team work.

How to apply

Applicants must prepare technical and financial offer of the main TrainIg topics they can providE in addition to their CVs to the following E-mail:

        [email protected]

Wednesday, 10. Feb 2021
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Call for Proposals
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