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Maarad Street
Beirut , Beirut
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International Civil Society Organisation
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Advocacy & Awareness
Business & Economic Policy
Research & Studies
Social & Cultural Development

The Arab Thought Foundation is an international, independent and non-governmental organization founded in 2001 with a guiding mission to help advance the economic, social and cultural development of the Arab region. The Foundation believes that open and constructive dialogue between the business community, academia and civil society is imperative for the future development of the region.  By sharing knowledge, nurturing creativity and building on this dialogue, practical solutions for our collective future can be forged. ATF is headed by HRH Prince Khalid AlFaisal, governor of Mekkah Province; our board of trustees and Board members are a fine selection of the most prominent businessmen and intellectuals in the Arab world. The Establishment of Arab Thought Foundation was born of our belief of corporate social responsibility and the role of the private sector in the rise of the Nation; a conviction that carries a mission and takes a role. Our mission is to achieve Arab cultural cohesiveness, promote the Arab identity, while being open to other cultures of the world. Our role is to launch initiatives, programs and forums that employ intellectual discourse for the benefit of development, and render the development enrichment to thought. Between the mission and the role, we go forward to establish an Arab cultural partnership and ensure the advancement of the values of diligence and creativity. We believe that positive creative intellectual discourse inspires those who work for development with the dreams of renaissance and with developmental projects and dreams of renaissance; the nation draws paths for a better future and pave these roads with success.
Our Goals: -       Promote pride in the Arab nation’s core values and identity through appropriate cultural programs and activities -       Entrench values and promote events that serve to reject all causes of disunity, in order to achieve Arab national solidarity, and mainstream efforts that serve the higher interests of Arab societies -       Enhance all fields of knowledge, focusing on future studies and better utilization of modern technologies. -       Honor the pioneers, support the innovators and sponsor the talented among the Arabs -       Promote communications with Arab immigrant brains and institutions and draw upon their experiences. -       Coordinate and communicate with individuals, regional and international civil society organizations concerned with the Arab intellectual and cultural solidarity -       Initiate cultural and media related projects that contribute to disseminate the Arab intellectual discourse on the international scene, and correct the erroneous perceptions held towards the Arab society

Maarad Street
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Jinan Khashouf
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HR Manager
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