Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon: ANERA Reports on the ground in the Middle East

The list of challenges Palestinian refugee families living in Lebanon face is long and overwhelming. They live in overcrowded camps and have to deal with discrimination, isolation and social exclusion. The refugees often refer to themselves as “forgotten people” and feel they are living in a hostile environment where their basic human rights are not represented or protected. Caught in the middle of an unsettled political conflict beyond their control, they manage to survive with limited resources and a restricted legal, economic and social system.
This report gives an overview of Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon, and focuses on specific challenges faced by these refugees in terms of housing, economic livelihoods, education and health. It concludes that Palestinian refugees in Lebanon deserve more than ever priority attention in assistance and protection.

American Near East Refugee Aid
Publishing Date: 
Sunday, 1 January 2012
Resource Type: 
Studies and Reports
Refugees, Quality of Life