UNICEF شراء بطاقات تشريج مسبقة الدفع وشرائح اتصال خلال عام 2020-2021

Attached are the terms of reference 

مرفق هنا دفتر الشروط

How to apply

How to apply

Interested companies are to submit their offers by mail or in person.

For offers sent by mail:

Complete offer and documents must be sent to [email protected]

E-Mail title must be: "دفتر شروط - شراء بطاقات تشريج مسبقة الدفع وشرائح اتصال RFQ-FA-PC-004-20"

E-mails without the above title will be disregarded.


For offers submitted in person:


Complete offer documents shall be sent to the following address:

City Complex – 1st Floor – Riad El Solh Road

P.O. Box 1327 – Tripoli, Lebanon

Mr. Abdel Kader Baroudi

Tel: +961 6 44 66 81

Complete offer documents must be in a sealed envelope with the following statements in block letters on its back: "دفتر شروط - شراء بطاقات تشريج مسبقة الدفع وشرائح اتصال RFQ-FA-PC-004-20"

Last Submission Date:          Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Closing Time:                          Monday,September 28,2020    12pm

For any inquiries, please contact:


Mr. Abdel Kader Baroudi

Phone: +961 6 44 66 81

E-Mail: [email protected]


Monday, 28. Sep 2020
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