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 Specific tasks 

  • Ensure the provision of clear intervention strategies, aligned with internal procedures (work plan always designed by the psycho-social binome) and relevant National SOPs 
  • Ensure that all ongoing cases are provided with continuous evaluation (clinical and/or psychometric assessment), follow-up (psychological support), and closure interviews 
  • Guarantee that all relevant forms and formats are updated 
  • Ensure that confidential information is secured  
  • Plan in an efficient way all the daily, weekly and monthly interventions relevant to the ongoing cases and keep clear tracks of the steps followed and the content of the sessions 
  • Ensure that all forms of needed psychological support is provided through SMART objectives, individually and/or in groups, as determined by the intervention strategy, and in any designated premises. 
  • Participate actively in the drafting of legal reports in close coordination with the Social Worker 
  • Meets daily and coordinates effectively with the Social Worker and/or any other team member in order to provide the best services through relevant case management 
  • Follow up with cases and Reports directly to Manager as per the internal organizational chart  
  • work closely with the Gbv case worker regarding the external referrals
  • Apply the pair work system under the guidelines of the Project manager and the SDC director
  • Make sure that all the knowledge and the project experience are delivered to MOSA colleagues.
  • Follow up and attend the sessions conducted by Akkarouna educator and SDC Social Worker.
  • Apply pair work system between psychologist and SDC social worker.
  • Comply with Akkarouna’s policies and practices with respect to child protection, code of conduct, Child Safeguarding Policy, equal opportunities and other relevant policies and procedures

  • Commit to ensure the best implementation possible of Akkarouna’s Child Safeguarding Policy.

  • Commit to inform supervisors and to deal with any cases, allegations, or possibility of transgression, even potential, of Akkarouna’s Child Safeguarding Policy

External meetings and Capacity Building  

  • Participate actively in all informational and/or training meetings related to the psychologist position function and provide accurate MoM, as requested by the Project Manager  

Internal meetings 

  • Participate in a weekly meeting for a global monitoring of all cases with the Case Worker and the educator 
  • Refer to the GBv Case Worker during designated times for technical support aiming to address case issues from CP or GBV CM perspective  
  • Participate in a monthly meeting with the Project Manager in order to identify gaps and challenges 

Experience and technical competencies required: (include years of experience)

  • At least 2 years of experience in 2018 
  • Relevant equivalencies from MEHE and MoPH 
  • Continuous or finalized external supervision 
  • Good knowledge of Lebanese Institutions and policies, especially of the Ministry of Social Affairs (CPMS, CP policies, etc.), the Ministry of Justice (Law 422, etc.), and the Ministry of Education and Higher Education (regulations relevant to disabled, enrolment in school, etc.). 
  • Good knowledge of CP and GBV National SOP’s  
  • Good knowledge of CP and GBV Minimum Standards 
  • Experience in SDC or MoSa is a plus 
  • Excellent skills in time management and stress management 
  • Excellent knowledge of the Lebanese context and of the relationship between host and refugee communities 
  • Excellent knowledge of all Microsoft Office tools, as well as data management  
  • Good writing skills  
Last modified: 
12 Jan, 2022
Intervention Sector(s):
Human Rights & Protection
Application Deadline:
Tuesday, 25 January 2022
Contract Type:
Full Time
Period of Employment:
6 months renewable
Salary Range:
1500 to 2000 (USD)
Education Degree:
Masters Degree
Education Degree Details:
Master degree in Clinical Psychology
Experience Requirements:
2 to 3 years
Arabic Language:
English Language:
French Language:
  • Lebanon
  • Aakkar
  • Aakkar
  • Tikrit