The following annexes form integral part of this Invitation to Bid:

Annex A: Technical Specifications / Specs and regulations (Picture for each Items)

The Table of items is attached.


Croissant Chocolat / Regular Size - Quantity: 31,000

Croissant Cheese / Regular Size - Quantity: 31,000

Croissant Thyme / Regular Size - Quantity: 31,000

Mr. juicy - Quantity: 31,000

Water 0.5 L - Quantity: 31,000

           Annex B:          Financial Offer Form (Official Quotation)

           Annex C:          Vendor Registration Form (ID, MOF)


      Bidders are required to submit any request for clarification in respect of this ITB by e-mail to [email protected] or by Phone Call to 81/394345

      Akkarouna will compile the questions received and plans to respond to questions shortly after the query closing date. Akkarouna may, at its discretion, copy any reply to a particular question to all other invited bidders at once.

2.3       YOUR OFFER

Your offer shall be prepared in English or Arabic.

Please submit your offer using the Annexes provided. Offers not conforming to the requested formats may be not taken into consideration.

How to apply

The offers must bear your official letter head, clearly identifying your company. 

Bids should be submitted in a sealed envelope to: 

Akkarouna Office :Akkar ,Menyara ,Youssef salloum Building , 2 Floor.

The Technical and Financial offers shall be clearly separated Deadline: 08/12/2021, 16:00 local time.

Wednesday, 08. Dec 2021
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Calls for Tenders
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