Bacterial Removal & Water Treatment System Specifications

Supply, install, adjust and test water treatment and purification station, including pumps, sand and
carbon filters, (Reverse Osmosis- RO), with the chlorination system, valves and pipes, in addition
to all the necessary work and accessories to operate the station effectively as per the engineer
(TDS=100 – 150 ppm) And PH=7
The Water Treatment System Consists of cartridge filters, ceramic filter, and UV system for
polishing and purifying water from dirt, rust, sediments, chlorine, taste, odor, color and Bacteria.
A: Feed Tank- 2000 Liter Plastic Storage Tank 3 layers.
B: Stainless Steel Transfer Pump - 2m3/Hr. (with all accessories, electrical cable, galvanized
protection metal box and equipment required for automatic operation)
C: Chlorine Dosing System to be installed in line with the pipes and connections installation.
D: 10" Big Blue Filter with 5 micron Spun Cartridge.
E: Stainless Steel Storage tank - 2000 Liters.
F: 10" Big Blue Filter with Carbon Block Cartridge 4.5" Dia.
G: 10" Big Blue Housing c/w ceramic cartridge filter - Flow 1500 l/Hr. the candle should fit in BB
10” and shall be 0.9 Micron absolute, 0.2-to0.5-micron nominal
H: UV Sterilizer unit - 6 GPM
I: Installation of the hall system including solenoid valves (4 Valves or more) (when required),
controllers, pipes and accessories (Elbow 90 °, Tee or any another fittings), valves, gauges,
flexible connections, support and hangers.
J: Aluminum Enclosure with 2 locked doors, with open sides from upper level being inlet and
outlet of the pipe, the Size of the enclosure is:100 cm (W) x 35 cm (D) x 100 cm (H)

N.B.: Before installation of any item, all parts and tools that will be installed must be presented to
the project engineer with all required data sheets and technical specifications to obtain his
approval via email or written document.


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line: “Installation of Water filters in Three Schools- Central Bekaa”.

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