Communication and Mobilisation Officer – Part time

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The deadline for submission is 30 May,2024 . Any incomplete submissions will be disregarded.

“ACTED has a zero-tolerance approach to sexual exploitation, abuse and harassment (SEAH) and ensures that only those who share and demonstrate our values are recruited. All candidates will be subject to satisfactory references and screening checks in line with legal requirements. Any candidate offered a job will sign ACTED’s Code of Conduct and related policies as part of their work contract. All staff are expected to abide by the standards of behaviour outlined in those documents.”

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ACTED is committed to immediate humanitarian relief to support those in urgent need and protect people’s dignity, while co-creating longer term opportunities for sustainable growth and fulfilling people’s potential. ACTED endeavours to respond to humanitarian crises and build resilience; promote inclusive and sustainable growth; co-construct effective governance and support the building of civil society worldwide by investing in people and their potential. The commitment of ACTED and that if our teams is guided by 4 core values: (1) Responsibility: we ensure the efficient and responsible delivery of humanitarian aid with the means and the resources that have been entrusted to us. (2) Impact: we are committed to having the most sustainable impact for the communities and the people with whom we engage. (3) Enterprising spirit: we are enterprising and engage in our work with a spirit that creates value and overcomes challenges. (4) Inspiration: we strive to inspire all those around us through our vision, values, approaches, choices, practice, actions, and advocacy.


Greening strategy:

ACTED’s greening strategy aims to tackle environmental degradation and climate change while meeting the needs of the most vulnerable who are often those most affected by the deepening environmental crisis. Each ACTED employee will adhere to these principles through key green programming responsibilities:

  • Contribute towards the adherence and development of the greening strategy plan.
  • Explore innovative green programming opportunities and/or solutions within your realm of responsibilities and roles
  • Encouraging and promoting environmental safeguarding processes and environmental programming standards in accordance with SOPs and technical guideline notes



(Communication and Mobilisation Officer) has the responsibility to adhere to the PSEAH Policy (Protection against Sexual Exploitation, Abuse and Harassment). The (Communication and Mobilisation Officer) has the obligation to complete all mandatory trainings related to the Code of Conduct and the PSEA policy and report any safeguarding concern such as breaches of organisational policies or codes of conduct according to ACTED’s procedures. The (Communication and Mobilisation Officer) carries out work duties in a way that does not harm children, vulnerable adults or other staff or volunteers. 

Duties and Responsibilities


1. Organise and prepare Convergences' activities in Lebanon under the authority and in coordination with Convergences’ and ACTED’s teams:


  • Prepare and co-animate as a representative local Working Groups, remotely or in-person in relation to Convergences’ international development team.
  • Ensures minutes, follow up and Q&A after the Working Group meetings.
  • Support to the programming of the Lebanon Convergences Forum 2024: to ensure the global coherence of the event, defines the key topics, frame the architecture of the Forum and each session, manage speakers and high-level personalities’ invitations and participation.
  • Coordinates and support moderators in their preparation for the conference.
  • Contributes to the logistics preparation of the Forum : expression of the needs, aligned with the budget, prospection of the providers, follow-up with all stakeholders on the practical aspects of the Forum.
  • Contributes to the management and the animation of the online registration and follow-up platform, before, during and after the Forum.
  • All along the project, ensures follow-up and communication activities: translation (Arabic to English and English to Arabic), acknowledgements, minutes or articles of the sessions, communication on the outcome and the outputs of the Forum to the chain of command, and then, to the external stakeholders of the Forum.
  • Ensures the measurement of the impact of the Forum and post-event capitalisation by providing assessment report.


2. Facilitate external and internal coordination and communication on project implementation

  • With the support of Convergences’, translates of all materials provided to disseminate prior and posterior to the Forum for internal and external distributions.
  • Contributes to external mobilisation in connection with the communication department of Convergences and the local ecosystem.
  • Coordinates and monitors the preparation of Forum feedback tools and acknowledgements.
  • Participates in the redaction of reports towards partners.
  • Participation to weekly meetings with Convergences’ international development team to report and share main achievements and decide in collaboration the steps to come.

  • The communication and Mobilisation officer is required to embody the following qualities and to maintain compliance with ACTED Rule and Policies at all times:
  • Has a bachelor’s degree in English literature, translation and Arabisation, political sciences, international relations, media or any other relevant department.
  • Previous experience in facilitation, interpretation between Arabic and English.
  • Fluency in English (written and spoken); and fluent in Arabic.
  • Ability to work under pressure in a high-pace environment.
  • Willingness to follow instructions, especially those related to security
  • Excellent social and communication skills.
  • High commitment to cultural sensitivity, honesty, integrity, trustworthiness and accountability.
  • Organized, methodical, and thorough work ethic.
  • Punctuality.
  • Respect the confidentiality of all information and data received.
  • Respect and promote ACTED’s policies and report to PM line manager any non-respect of these policies amongst the teams or contractors.
  • Ensuring do no harm and respect to humanitarian values and principles.
  • Good organisational and prioritisation skills.
  • Intermediate level of using Microsoft Office, Microsoft Excel and Word.
  • Strong interpersonal skills.
  • Strong analytical skills.



Daleel Madani, the civil society network, serves as a platform for organisations to post their professional opportunities, but is not involved in the recruitment process. The hiring organisation is solely responsible for the job and candidate selection.

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16 May, 2024
Intervention Sector(s):
Application Deadline:
Thursday, 30 May 2024
Contract Type:
Period of Employment:
4 months - Starting date: early June 2024
Salary Range:
< 800 (USD)
Education Degree:
Bachelor Degree
Education Degree Details:
Experience Requirements:
Less than one year
Arabic Language:
English Language:
French Language:
  • Lebanon
  • Beirut