Call for Tender : Food, Dignity & Hygiene Kits


Due to the cabinet decision for COVID-19 lockdown, ABAAD offices will be closed till the end of the month, therefore we are moving forward with E-tendering process as below:

Following the tenders Food, Dignity and Hygiene Kits ref: ABDLBN20.11-02 & ABDLBN20.11-01 published on 12/11/2020,

Since ABAAD offices are closed responding to the official lock-down by cabinet decision because of COVID-19 pandemic, therefore, we are kindly sharing the following updates regarding the tender dossier request and submission as:



How to apply

E-tender process:

You are kindly requested to submit your bid offer online via link is valid for one week only) and follow the below steps:


  • On the deadline, the interested vendors to scan their bids and upload it on we-transfer
  • Once the vendor uploads the file on we-transfer, they need to copy the link and send it back ONLY on 27/NOV. Best before 1600 Beirut time.
  • In the email body, they mention the company name: contact person and we-transfer link
  • Email subject will be tender ________________________ ref__________
  • Once the procurement department receive the email, electronic tender voucher will be sent to the vendor replying to his submission.
  • Vendors who submitted their emails and didn’t get the electronic vouchers within hour, to call the procurement department (03/766931) and confirm whether their bids is received or not.
  • Offers received after that time is totally rejected and will not be considered for evaluation.

Friday, 27. Nov 2020
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Calls for Tenders
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