Call for Tender - Films production " Stories of Hope"

Position: Consultant

Project: “REFORM: Towards a strengthened quality response and inclusive and dignified durable solution for GBV survivors in Lebanon” Project

Duration: Between July 2020 – September 2020 (Tentative 30 to 40 working days) 

Location: Filming in Lebanon/6 Governorates 

Type of consultancy: Institution/Individual

About the project

ABAAD – Resource Center for Gender Equality, with the support and partnership of the European Regional Development & Protection Programme (RDPP), under its REFORM: Towards a strengthened quality response and inclusive and dignified durable solution for GBV survivors in Lebanon project aims at producing inspiring community videos.  These “Stories of Hope”, narrated from both the refugee and host-community perspective, will showcase the human spirit’s ongoing tenacity and perseverance in becoming a positive catalyst of change and hope in ones communities.

Produce community videos featuring “stories of hope” from refugee and hostcommunities to be used for promoting social stability and positive messaging during COVID19.

The COVID-19 outbreak has affected all segments of population, it has particularly impacted, and continues to impact, the most vulnerable community groups, including people living in poverty situations, men, women, persons with disabilities and youth. Early evidence indicates that the health and economic consequences of the virus are disproportionately distributed between privileged and under- privileged community groups. However, there has been positive stories of success/collaboration/humanity generated by the spread of the pandemic to be highlighted.

Under this activity, and through various structures and community partners, ABAAD will be identifying profiles of refugees and host communities who were able to challenge their protection\socio-economic situations and/or displacement during COVID19, achieve a change\success and were able to transform their grim realities.  The proposed characteristics include persons or groups who are working tirelessly in difficult conditions with limited resources to provide support. The process of identification will be carried out following participatory and inclusive approaches and in close coordination with various protection and GBV working groups.

The human-interest stories will be used to promote social stability and transmit positive messages; which will be screened in various community structures, registration offices, and outreach/mobile activities. Positive messaging is a powerful tool that can promote sustainable change in vulnerable com munities, and it is through this preamble that ABAAD is seeking to produce 18 videos that are to be used to disseminate positive messages that restore hope and aspirations among refugee and host community members.  ABAAD will focus on stories that highlight overcoming adversities and working towards bettering and improving one’s self, household, and/or community.  These ‘Stories of Hope’ will serve to inspire others in similar situations to identify with role-models in their own communities that can serve as examples of individuals that have worked towards contributing to peace building and re-enforcing social stability in their lives and communities. The 18 ‘Stories of Hope’ will be produced by a professional production house and the final products will be widely disseminated and screened through online social platforms, in all of ABAAD structures, Ministry of Social Affairs’ Social Development Centers (MOSA SDCs), and UNHCR registration offices.  The videos will also be shared with the SGBV Task Force and working groups to ensure wider dissemination. Through this request, ABAAD is seeking partners in the SGBV and Protection working groups to assist in the identification and/or nomination of individuals that are deemed as positive influencers of change in their communities.  ABAAD will produce 18 videos showcasing host and refugee Stories of Hope; with 9 videos for host and 9 for refugees.  ABAAD will ensure that the stories of men, women, people with disabilities and youths are equally captured.  

Overall goal of this assignment 

The overall goal of this assignment is to to produce 18 community videos featuring “stories of hope” from refugee and host-communities to be used for promoting social stability and positive messaging. These videos will be screened in various community structures, registration offices & mobile unit touring.

Expected Outputs

The results expected from the contractor are the following: 

In agreement with ABAAD, a story board will be developed, agreed upon and edited into a finalized product in various formats (to be agreed with team before production) to be owned and stored by ABAAD.  

  • One general teaser video: of max 1min. in Arabic with English subtitles.  16 videos consolidated per each Story of hope. (3min in Arabic or with English subtitles.

Two videos consolidated of 6 minutes (up to 8) full length video.


  • Ensure the timely production of all videos: realize the editing/post-production of the HD videos. 
  • Submission of all original documentary footage (raw material) 
  • Submission of DVD copy, Web-standard file format, HD/SD copy.

Institutional Arrangement   

The Consultant/firm will liaise regularly with ABAAD’s Communications Department to ensure the video messages are consistent with ABAAD’s brand, mission and aims. A calendar with regular meetings will be determined at the beginning of the contact.

Time frame 

The assignment is for 30 to 40 full-time working days from the date the contract is signed. The assignment is expected to be implemented between July 2020 – September 2020. 

Skills required


  • Demonstrable creative flair in producing audiovisual concepts and products related to humanitarian and development issues;
  • The ability to communicate (verbal and written format) effectively in Arabic & English; 
  • Ability to work under tight deadlines, under pressure, use initiative, and manage own workload, especially when juggling several projects at the same time; 
  • Ability to work flexibly in a multicultural team setting and to work in a crossdepartmental manner, building consensus with colleagues. Experience: 
  • ABAAD is seeking a professional production house and/or production agency to produce the 18 ‘Story of Hope’ videos. 
  • Filming in difficult context;
  • Previous experience in the production of high-quality videos for online and offline screening.  
  • Previous experience working with the humanitarian sector on the production of videos and online/offline content. 
  • To abide by ABAAD’s code-of-conduct and communication/visibility guidelines and protection standards (consent and release forms). 
  • To be available for edits upon request. 
  • Knowledge of the NGO’s work, Host communities and refugees in Lebanon

 Previous experiences in Lebanon or working with the refugees


Experience of using newer versions of Final Cut Pro or similar software for editing digital video; 

  • Experience of web and social media development, especially as relates to placing video; 
  • Knowledge of working experience in developing countries specifically in video production is desirable; 
  • Familiarity with ABAAD or other related organizations and a commitment to their vision, mission, and values is an asset.
  • Videos are to showcase positive portrayals of refugees and host community members. 
  • Videos to be aligned with ABAAD and donor visibility guidelines.  
  • Videos to be culturally and gender-sensitive to the Lebanese and refugee context.    


Postgraduate or bachelor’s degree in communications, media, international development or related areas. A number of years of equivalent work experience may be accepted in lieu of this requirement. 

Language Requirements: 

    Fluency in written and spoken Arabic, English is essential; 

Scope of Price Proposal   

The consultant should include all production related costs into the price proposal: 

For submissions to include: 

  • Official bid/quotation detailing the following: 
    • Technical specs regarding shooting/production: 
      • Type of equipment to be utilized and its costs per day;
      • Production/crew costs per day; 
      • accommodation and living costs on the footage locations, related consumables (DVD copies)
      • Editing costs; 
      • Cost of onscreen translation (from Arabic to English); 
      • Cost of subtitles (in Arabic and English); 
      • Etc… 

         Note: Casting will be the responsibility of ABAAD. 

    • Quotation to be submitted in USD (dollars) currency. 
  • Portfolio of previous work conducted, with links to videos. 
  • Proposed timeline of production, implementation, editing, and submission.   o One proposed/draft concept of consultant’s vision/understanding of ‘Story of Hope’. 

Annexes to the TOR

Please supply at least three references from previous clients that we can contact to seek references, name, address, e-mail, telephone; 

Proof of any previous relevant work carried out;

  • Detailed list of services and specific areas of expertise that your institution (or you as an individual) may provide;
  • Please provide two five-minute films, preferably on a development-related theme, that you have edited. Must be viewable online.

How to apply

Applicants are to submit their financial and technical proposals in two seperate documents placed in one unmarked and sealed envelope to Abaad offices in Furn Chebbak (51 Bustani Street, Sector 5, Najjar Building, Furn Chebbak) from Monday till Friday between 10:00 am and 4:00 pm.

Please note that any submissions via email, fax, or any other method not as the above will not be accepted.

Any applications not abiding by the above guidelines will not be accepted.

Any questions regarding the tasks please contact Mr. Ramy El Kaissy, Operations Coordinator, on the following email ([email protected])

Monday, 13. Jul 2020
Type of Call
Call for Consultancies
Intervention Sector(s):
Gender issues
Remuneration range:
> 6000 (USD)
Duration of Contract:
July 2020 - September 2020