Le patrimoine culturel immatériel au Liban à la lumière de l’expérience internationale

Briefing papers on the preservation of cultural heritageInstitutions and individuals from the Middle East and North Africa experience many shortcomings in legislation, policies and current practices impeding the sustainable preservation of cultural heritage. In order to obtain a systematic overview and a sound basis for engaging in lobby and advocacy work for improved governance of the cultural sector, the Modern Heritage Observatory contracted local lawyers and researchers to analyze and assess current regulations, policies and practices concerning the preservation of cultural heritage in Lebanon.
Dans la recherche publiée par le Modern Heritage Observatory "Le partimoine culturel immatériel au Liban", Dr. Charbel Nassar indique que "le patrimoine culturel immatériel est une notion ambiguë". A travers ce document, Nassar explique le concept du patrimoine immatériel et compare les législations et pratiques légales locales gérant ce secteur aux dispositifs internationaux.

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الاثنين, 30 سبتمبر 2013
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