Call for Proposals: Digital Transformation Plan Execution

Mousawat Organization is pleased to announce an open call for proposals to execute our comprehensive Digital Transformation Plan. We invite qualified firms and consultants with demonstrated experience in digital transformation to submit their proposals. This plan aims to enhance our operational efficiency, improve stakeholder engagement, and foster innovation through the integration of advanced digital technologies.

Core System Structure

A. Management Level Modules

  1. Executive Dashboard
    • Real-time data visualization for key performance indicators (KPIs)
    • Customizable views and reports for executive decision-making
  2. Human Resources Management (HRM)
    • Employee records and payroll management
    • Recruitment, onboarding, and performance management tools
  3. Financial Management Module
    • Budgeting, accounting, and financial reporting
    • Petty Cash Management Feature: Functional Requirements to include:
      • Tracking petty cash transactions
      • Automated reconciliation processes
      • Real-time reporting and audit trails
  4. Procurement and Asset Management Module
    • Inventory tracking and procurement workflows
    • Asset lifecycle management and depreciation tracking
  5. Programs and Operations Management
    • Project planning and resource allocation
    • Functional Requirements to include:
      • Real-time monitoring of project progress
      • Resource utilization and cost tracking
  6. Strategic Planning and Reporting
    • Long-term planning tools and scenario analysis
    • Alignment of projects with strategic goals
  7. Customized Reports to Donors
    • Functional Requirements to include:
      • Tailored reporting formats for different donors
      • Automated generation and distribution of reports

B. Operational Level Modules

  1. S1: Health, Inclusion, and Accessibility Coordinator
    • Functional Requirements to include:
      • Management of health programs and accessibility initiatives
      • Coordination with healthcare providers and stakeholders
  2. S2: Community-Based Rehabilitation/CBID Coordinator
    • Functional Requirements to include:
      • Coordination of community-based rehabilitation programs
      • Monitoring and evaluation of CBID activities
  3. S3: Education and Inclusion Coordinator
    • Management of educational programs for inclusivity
    • Coordination with schools and educational institutions
  4. S4: Outreach and Mobile Services
    • Management of outreach programs and mobile services
    • Scheduling and tracking of mobile units
  5. S5: Emergency
    • Coordination and management of emergency response activities
    • Real-time communication and resource allocation

C. Project and Program Modules

  1. General Project Form Configuration
    • Dynamic Form Builder: Customizable forms for different projects
    • Bilingual Support: Forms and interfaces in multiple languages
    • Template Library: Pre-defined templates for common project types
    • Implementation Considerations: Guidelines for form setup and usage
  2. Beneficiary Management
    • Centralized Database: Single source of truth for beneficiary data
    • Auto-Populate Feature: Automatic filling of repetitive information
    • Data Security: Ensuring confidentiality and integrity of beneficiary data
  3. Shared Forms and Assessments
    • Standardized Assessment Tools: Common tools for consistent assessments
    • Integration with Projects: Seamless linkage between assessments and project data
    • Data Analysis: Tools for analyzing assessment results and generating insights

Key Considerations for Proposals:

  1. Scope of Work:
    • Detailed project plan including timelines, milestones, and deliverables.
    • Integration of state-of-the-art digital tools and platforms.
    • Strategies for data management, cybersecurity, and compliance.
    • Training and support for Mousawat staff to ensure seamless adoption.
  2. Qualifications and Experience:
    • Proven track record in managing and executing digital transformation projects.
    • Case studies or references from similar projects in non-profit or humanitarian sectors.
    • Team expertise and certifications relevant to digital technologies and project management.
  3. Innovative Solutions:
    • Proposals should highlight innovative approaches to solving current challenges.
    • Use of cutting-edge technology to streamline processes and improve efficiency.
    • Solutions should be scalable and sustainable in the long term.
  4. Budget and Cost-Effectiveness:
    • Detailed budget breakdown with clear cost estimates for each phase of the project.
    • Cost-effectiveness and value-for-money considerations.
    • Potential funding strategies and cost-saving measures.
  5. Impact and Sustainability:
    • Clear indicators of success and impact assessment methodologies.
    • Plans for ensuring the sustainability of digital initiatives post-implementation.
    • Measures for ongoing support and maintenance.
  6. Compliance and Security:
    • Adherence to data protection regulations and cybersecurity standards.
    • Risk management strategies and contingency plans.
    • Compliance with relevant legal and ethical standards.

Submission Guidelines:

  • Proposal Format: Proposals should be submitted in PDF format, not exceeding 20 pages.
  • Deadline: All proposals must be submitted by [Deadline Date].
  • Submission Method: Please email your proposals to [Email Address] with the subject line “Digital Transformation Proposal - [Your Company Name]”.
  • Contact Information: For any inquiries, please contact [Contact Person] at [Phone Number] or [Email Address].

Evaluation Process:

Proposals will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Alignment with Mousawat’s strategic goals and vision.
  • Technical and managerial competence.
  • Innovation and sustainability of proposed solutions.
  • Cost-effectiveness and budget management.
  • Overall impact potential and scalability.

Mousawat Organization is committed to fostering partnerships that drive meaningful change through technology. We look forward to receiving your proposals and collaborating on this transformative journey.

How to apply

send offer to [email protected]

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