Supply of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Baskets - ITB-OCHA2024TRI18

Tender Number: ITB-OCHA2024TRI18

Mada Association in partnership with We World and with the funding from OCHA is in the process of implementing an emergency distribution project in Akkar.

The project will contribute to providing immediate life-saving food assistance to vulnerable households in Akkar:

Lot 3.1: Khat El Petrol_Wadi Khaled, and Awada_Wadi Khaled – Akkar

Lot 3.2: Knayseh_Wadi Khaled, and Hnayder_Wadi Kaled – Akkar

Mada Association hereby launches an open tender for the supply of fresh fruits and vegetables baskets.

How to apply

To receive the Invitation to Bid and related mandatory annexes, please send an email to [email protected] by May 18, 2024. Please indicate in the e-mail subject field only the following: ITB-OCHA2024TRI18

Note: Any application documents received from the Bidder through e-mail will result in disqualification.

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