Request for Quotation for and Individual Consultant - Re-design and supervision of 224 m2 office space

1. Introduction

The ILO-Regional Office for Arab States is planning to re-design the 10th floor of its office location to create a functional and productive work environment. Within its current regional offices in Hamra, the ILO is contemplating a re-design of the left side of the existing floor, with an area of 224 m2.

Floor plans and space allocation standards will be provided to the successful company.

2Scope of work

The ILO will hire a design consultant for surveying/condition assessment, design and preparation of technical drawings, preparation of BoQ and technical specifications for the above-mentioned works. The consultant will also provide supervision and quality assurance services for the subsequent implementation contract.

The consultant shall throughout the assignment coordinate closely with ILO staff. The consultant is to include the ILO in all correspondences and meetings concerning the assignment.

The space has to fit around 15 employees. The space shall also include one meeting room (to fit around 10 people), 2 bathrooms, a videoconferencing room, and one kitchenette (with a designated common space that can also be used for lunch).

The specific scope of the consultancy consists of the following but are not limited to:


The consultant shall carry out all necessary preliminary studies and condition assessment/surveys and collect as required information related to the projects for carrying out the design.

2.1.1 Data collection, physical condition assessment / surveys

  • Data collection through a kick off meeting and design brief:

The consultant at the start of the assignment shall assess what relevant information is already available and what information and document related to the design work, including any utilities within proposed locations.

Physical condition assessment and assessment report:

The consultant shall undertake a full physical condition assessment of the proposed offices and prepare and assessment report. The report shall include findings, conclusion and recommendations. Consultant shall also collect all supporting documents including legal documents of the allocated buildings to check feasibly of implementation.

2.1.2 Conceptual Design

The consultant is required to develop mood boards illustrating the conceptual design and atmosphere of the office and the overall feel of the office environment.

The consultant should prepare conceptual drawings including but not limited to architectural, structural, mechanical, and electrical plans. The drawings shall also include plans, 3D renderings, sections, elevations and materials’ samples where required to illustrate the proposed design concepts.

The consultant shall be selecting suitable furniture, fixtures, finishes, materials and décor elements that enhance the identity of the ILO as well as aesthetics and functionality of the office space, while considering cost- efficiency and sustainability principles and incorporating eco-friendly design elements where feasible.

The eco-friendly design should prioritize sustainability minimizing the environmental footprint and contributing to overall environmental conservation efforts. The design must be optimized to achieve a low cost of implementation. A high importance is dedicated to the creation of an innovative polyvalent space awarded with natural light, indoor plants, and spaces that would promote employee wellbeing. It’s important for the design to integrate green areas within the office space.

The concept should be based on ILO’s requirements and inspired by the identity and mandate of the ILO. ILO team might request several options from the consultant in order to decide which concept to adopt.

2.1.3 Preliminary Cost Estimate

The consultant  shall prepare, compile, and present to ILO the preliminary cost estimate for the project.

2.1.4 Final Preliminary Report

At the end of this phase I, the consultant shall prepare and submit a final Preliminary Report describing the findings, conclusions and recommendations. All condition assessments /surveys, studies shall be attached to the data collection report.


According to the physical condition assessment/survey and the recommendations, the consultant shall develop the Detailed Design for the floor. This includes architectural drawing, structural drawings, MEP drawings), technical reports, BoQ and confidential cost estimate. Phase II shall include the following components.

2.2.1 Detailed Design Drawings for Execution (IFC – Issued For Construction)

Based on the conceptual design approved by ILO in Phase-I, the consultant is required to prepare appropriate detailed design to be implemented. The design should be composed of drawings including but not limited to:

  • General layout plan and floor plan, cross sections and elevations
  • Architectural drawings, Structural drawings, MEP drawings, … etc
  • Layout plans and details for electrical, lighting, fire alarm, plumbing, water storage, heating, air conditioning and ventilation, fire protection, …
  • Cross sections and details as may be necessary for the understanding of the design and its prospects.
  • Details such as doors, accessories, windows, stairs, handrails, and other items for the building.

The company shall obtain approval for the final designs from ILO.

2.2.2 Detailed BOQ, confidential cost estimate

  • The BoQ and cost estimate shall be prepared in accordance with the proposed design.
  • All quantities & calculations shall be submitted along with the BoQ.
  • The consultant shall make sure that, the total price estimate does not exceed the proposed budget (TBC).
  •  Cost Estimate shall remain CONFIDENTIAL and shall be only presented to the ILO predesignated personnel.
  • Consultant shall submit all calculation notes as requested by the ILO. Calculation notes shall cover but not limited to Structural, electrical and mechanical designs.

2.2.3 Technical specifications

The consultant shall prepare and submit the technical specifications for all work items listed in the BoQ. The consultant will also be asked to support the reviewing process of the technical offers received by third parties as a member of the evaluation committee.


The consultant is required to provide the technical inputs to bidders and to the selected contractor.

The consultant shall participate in a pre-bid meeting as resource person during the bidding process. The consultant should explain the scope of the proposed works, BoQ items, specifications and answer any queries on the design raised during the pre-bid meeting by bidders.


  • After the execution contract is awarded to contractor, the consultant in coordination with ILO and the contractor shall schedule site visits and handover the site to the contractors. The consultant shall explain in full details all the project details and aspects to the contractor and answer any queries raised.
  • The consultant is expected to monitor contractor’s adherence to contract in terms of cost, quality, quantities and timing as well as the OSH (occupational safety and health) measures taken by the contractor.
  • The consultant is expected to alert ILO focal person as to:
  • Delays in contract milestones/deliverables
  • Deviations from materials quoted
  • Any changes impacting cost – increases and savings alike

3Expected Outputs and main deliverables

The consultant shall submit to the ILO in final form (1 hard and 1 soft copy) for review and comments at the end of Phases I and II. Once the final detailed execution drawings, technical specifications, BoQ and cost estimate are approved, the consultant shall submit one hard copy together with one soft copy (on CD-ROM) of the following document.

3.1 Phase I: Preliminary studies - Final preliminary report

3.2 Phase II: Detailed execution drawings, BoQ, cost estimate and technical specifications.

3.2.1 The detailed design in CAD version including but not limited to architectural, structural and MEP drawings. The detailed drawings shall include:

– General layout plan and floor plan, cross-sections and elevations.

– Layout plans and details for electrical; lighting, fire alarm; plumbing, water storage; heating, air conditioning and ventilation; fire protection, etc.

– Cross sections and details as may be necessary for the understanding of the design and its prospects.

– Details such as doors, accessory schedules, windows, stairs, handrails, etc…

3.2.2 Bill of Quantity (BoQ) in English, and confidential cost estimate (unit price for all work items).

3.2.3 A full set of technical specifications in English.

3.3 Phase III: Tender period for implementation contract

3.3.1 Attendance at mandatory pre-bid meeting and site visit

3.3.2 Participation as a member of the evaluation committee

3.3.3 Technical evaluation report of bids submitted

3.4 Phase IV. Supervision works

3.4.1 Weekly progress/status report

5Required qualifications and proposals’ submission

  • Eligible applicants are individual consultants with a good expertise of interior design works.
  • The applicant shall hold interior design/architecture degree, a minimum of Bachelor level qualification, registered with a recognized board of architects.
  • He/she must have at least 7 years of experience in designing and implementing a project of similar scope, size, and context.
  • The applicant should ideally have previous experience in incorporating passive and/or active design features that improve office spaces.
  • Previous experience with UN, INGO or diplomatic missions is an advantage.

The proposal should include:

  • Consultant’s CV and portfolio (to include previous similar projects).
  • A tentative workplan.

6Payment schedule

The work is expected to start immediately after signing the contract with the ILO (tentatively expected by mid-May 2024).

Payments will be made as follows:

– 20% upon successful completion and delivery of Phase I documents as detailed above.

– 40% upon receipt of final detailed design, BOQ, cost estimate, technical specifications (phase II)

– 20% upon technical evaluation report (phase III)

– 20% upon completion of supervision of execution works and upon expiry of defects liability period (3 months after completion of site works)

Payment will be made in USD bank transfers. VAT is not applicable to this assignment.

7Site visit

→ Mandatory Site Visit: 24 April 2024 at 11:00 AM meeting at the office of ILO, Aresco Center, Hamra.

How to apply

The quotation for the survey and design works, and supervision works, including costs and timeline for both, shall be submitted on or before 13 May 2024. The cost shall be broken down in main components and the proposal shall include daily fees.

The individual consultant shall include a resume of past work of similar nature and references, and CV including contacts, address and date of birth. Quality of proposal, cost and time will be considered in selection of the consultant.

The ILO will facilitate a site visit to the proposed floor. Interested consultants are requested to participate in the site visit as per schedule above. N.B: Interested consultants should inform ILO Procurement of their participation in advance to the visit on [email protected] and [email protected].

The quotation shall be submitted by email on or before 13 May 2024, 11:00 PM.

Proposal, including supporting documentation must be received at [email protected] and [email protected] , cc-ing [email protected].

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