“Peace Promoter Network In Lebanon”, will contribute to making a positive change in the region.
This project aims to showcase the importance of openness and dialogue and also to promote a culture of tolerance and acceptance towards others, even if they are from different religious backgrounds. 
9 young people (called Peace Promoter-PP) will participate in this project. 
They will be from different religious backgrounds; Tripoli, Lebanon, girls and boys, Syrians, Lebanese or Palestinians, age range from 18-30, and they will actively participate in various local NGOs, schools, educational bodies, journalists, scouts, university students, social media influencers, civil society organization, bloggers….and many others.
They should have backgrounds in the following subjects: dialogue, conflict resolution, religious diversity, and social media.

They will participate in 10 training courses and workshops as trainers (TOT) in two months.
We will launch a social media campaign and publish videos to highlight this workshop.

How to apply


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