RTI-QITABI3-EOI: Cash Money Transfer Services

To all interested legally registered cash money transfer companies specialized in providing cash money transfer services all over Lebanon.

Research Triangle Institute (RTI) implementing the USAID-funded QITABI 3 Activity, formally invites interested bidders to submit proposals to provide a “Cash Money Transfer Services’’ all over Lebanon mainly in the Southern area of Lebanon.

How to apply

Interested bidders should email [email protected] between 11 March and 18 March to receive the RFP, including scope of work, specifications, and terms & conditions.

Final bids must be submitted by email to [email protected] in addition to sealed envelopes labeled (Cash Money Transfer Service) including 2 separate sealed envelopes one technical offer and the second financial offer to QITABI 3 Beirut offices [6th floor, Azar bldg. Dmitri Hayek Roundabout (facing Habtoor Hotel), Sin El Fil, Beirut] by no later than April 03, 2024 5:00 PM Beirut time.

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