Photography and Videography Services - Berytech Foundation

Context & Background


Berytech, established in 2002 in Lebanon, operates as a vibrant ecosystem for entrepreneurs, facilitating the creation and development of startups and SMEs, and promoting innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship in Lebanon. The organization's support encompasses a range of areas including capacity building/networking, policy reform, startup and SME development, incubation and acceleration, student entrepreneurship, technology transfer, as well as empowerment initiatives for women and youth.

Currently managing over 30 programs across various sectors like agriculture, food, water, energy, clean technology, green entrepreneurship, circular economy, and social entrepreneurship, Berytech plays a significant role in the economic revival of Lebanon marked by pioneering programs, activities, and initiatives dedicated to entrepreneurs and SMEs.

With the objective of establishing a strong and distinctive presence, Berytech seeks a service provider to assist in providing photography and videography services on an ad-hoc project basis covering different programmatic and organizational needs during 2024.

Scope of work


The service provider will undertake tasks including:

  1. Photography
  • Take photographs covering events of different types and sizes (trainings, conferences, exhibitions, and other gatherings)
  • Take facility and/or corporate pictures needed for campaigns
  • Take close up / artistic shots as per campaign brief
  • Conduct minimum photo retouching for pictures as needed
  1. Videography
  • Different types of video formats including: Interviews, documentaries, testimonials, behind the scenes and candid videos, live streaming, commercials, event highlights, travel videos, infographics, instructional, educational, POV videos.
  • Has access to voice over artists, stock video material etc.
  • Can support with live online streaming (equipment, videography etc.)
  • Short Animation: 2D, 3D, stop motion experience is a plus
  • Can accommodate big projects by extending team and equipment. This includes lighting technicians and equipment, neck mics and boom microphone, drones, gimbals, camera sliders, green screen, etc...
  1. Editing
  • Having highly skilled editor that is able to do 2D animations, infographics, interesting transitions, lower thirds, subtitles, can adapt different sizes from landscape videos to reels and TikToks.


The service provider should possess the following qualifications and experience:

  • 5+ years of experience producing and developing high-quality videos, streaming services, and photography coverage.
  • Can expand the team with lighting technicians and equipment as needed.
  • Responsive to short deadline projects
  • Ability to work on more than one project and/or event simultaneously.
  • Can provide and contribute creative input in the video outcome and scripts.


The service provider is expected to provide the following key deliverables:

  • Cover small to large size events through photography and videography.
  • Produce various types of videos as listed above (short to long form videos)
  • Professionally edit videos while adding animated text, 2D animation and other forms of animation if needed.
  • Frequently available to coordinate with content creator.
  • Read scripts and contribute to the visual direction to provide the best outcome.
  • Save footage and rushes from previous Berytech events on a dedicated hard disk in case of later use.


 The project is expected to be completed within 1 year of the signing of the contract.

How to apply

To submit your application, please provide the following documents via email to [email protected] before 6/3/2024:

  • Technical proposal describing the methodology and implementation plan to conduct the work based on the content suggested in the section: “Scope of Work and Deliverables” elaborating it further and the management capacity of the team.
  • Financial Proposal presenting the proposed rates or fees for this project.
  • Profile and project references (maximum two pages): Provide an overview of your background and experience. Include a detailed team portfolio, showcasing the skill sets and relevant experience of your team members. Summarize previous successfully executed projects, especially those that demonstrate expertise relevant to this engagement's scope.
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2000 to 3000 (USD)
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