RFQ- Berytech- 005- Basatine Program- Vehicles

Company Background

Berytech is an ecosystem for entrepreneurs, providing a dynamic environment for the creation and development of startups and SMEs, fostering innovation, technology and entrepreneurship in Lebanon.

Berytech’s role is multifold in building an all-inclusive ecosystem for its own entrepreneurs while contributing to the growth of the Lebanese entrepreneurial ecosystem in general. It has helped shape the cultural norms of the society in accepting and supporting the concept of entrepreneurship, while its different activities continue to push new avant-garde concepts. Berytech serves as a nucleus in connecting different stakeholders in the ecosystem and it strives to influence policymakers and legislating bodies to issue Since its establishment in 2002 by the Saint Joseph University (USJ), Berytech has succeeded in:

Creating strategic connections and international partnerships and affiliations,

Connecting different pools of experts in the ecosystem: business angels, mentors, cluster managers, technology transfer managers, innovators and researchers,

Collaborating with the Ministry of Economy and Trade to set and implement a national strategy to support SMEs, and

Partnering in creating organizations, programs and accelerators to serve the Lebanese entrepreneurial ecosystem.aws that benefit the ecosystem.

Program Background

With the support of l’Agence française de développement (AFD), the Bolstering Agriculture Systems’ Ability to Invest, Nourish and Employ (BASATINE) is a four-year Consortium programme contributing to the recovery of affected small farms and maintaining employment opportunities of vulnerable populations by providing support to farm holders.

BASATINE will support vulnerable farmers and related value chain actors in cereals, legumes, and vegetables in Bekaa and Akkar regions. The Consortium is made up of six NGOs with vast experience in agriculture and market systems development.

They include CARE (as lead), Mercy Corps(MC), Berytech Foundation, Georges N. Frem Foundation (GNFF), Lebanese Organization for Studies and Training (LOST), and Al Majmoua.

We aim to boost the capacity of Lebanese agriculture to produce food for the local market, create and maintain jobs, generate social cohesion between host communities and refugees and promote gender equality.


Procure and install Vehicles for the startups supported by BASATINE program.

II. Specifications:

Specifications are available in the attached RFQ below.

How to apply

Instrusction of submission of Quotation:

The quotation shall be sent via email. Each volume shall be clearly identified with the quotation number and the Offeror’s name.

All responses to this RFQ must be received no later than the submission deadline on the cover page of this RFQ.  

All inquiries and requests for information regarding this RFQ must be submitted by email to the following individuals no later than the question/inquiry submission deadline on the cover page of this RFQ.  Reference the RFQ number in all questions/inquiries. 

Berytech will not compensate Offerors for their preparation of responses to this RFQ.


Any inquiry should be sent before the 29th of February 2024 to: [email protected] / [email protected] / [email protected]

All Offers should be sent before the 10th of March 2024 COB to: [email protected]

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