Educational Kits Tender #IRL-T2023-041

The Protection division with the integration with Orphans and child welfare sector within IRL built this proposal based on the UN agencies reports, one in two children in Lebanon is at serious risk of physical, emotional, or sexual violence, as families struggle to cope in the country’s deepening crisis. Such circumstances deliver long-term effects on the well-being of children, these conditions affect child development, including brain and cognitive development. Based on these reports we suggested to distribute educational kits and lunch bags to increase the wellbeing and the educational access.

Deadline of submission of Tender: 12/12/2023 at 04:00 pm. 
Tender document can be found attached (PDF file), to be printed, signed, stamped and submitted to our office. 
For any further inquiry do not hesitate to contact us on:
[email protected]


Eligibility Requirements
To be eligible for consideration of this tender, a tenderer should meet the
following requirements:

1. Company VAT Registered and has a financial
2. Flexible in payments
3. Clear quotation stamped and signed by the company name.
4. Has a bank account by the company name and can receive external bank
5. Distribution and labor cost should be included and mentioned on the

How to apply

Submission of the tender will be in the closed tender box in the below address:

Beirut - Verdun - Saeb Salam Street - Kojok Center 5th Floor 

Please don't forget to
Write down your name, phone number, email and signature on the paper found on
the log sheet attached to the Tender Box at our office.


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