Request for Quotations No "RFQ-EMB2023-PR230152" for Managed Network Operation Center Services and IT Outsourcing

Scope: Managed Services

Areas Covered:

  • Manage network
  • Infrastructure
  • Unified communications and contact center 
  • Recording System
  • CRM and HRM systems
  • Access Control, CCTV cameras and passive.
  • End user O365 and systems support
  • Vulnerabilities assessment and remediation


Embrace currently owns a network including the mentioned  as per attached table. Embrace currently rely on Office 365 and windows machines available for users, up to 45 users.

Our CRM and Electronic Health Records are locally developed with workflows to assure data entry for soap notes, and for new patient management and appointment scheduling. Databases are based on SQL and Ubuntu , hosted on a single server.

The managed services provider is requested to provide quotations for both a 1-year and/or a 3-year option.

  •  Daily operations on networks and VMs as per the below scope for network.
  •  Support on Systems as per the scope of systems mentioned below.
  •  Support of Applications (CRM/HRM) to include change of permissions , bugs fixing, correction of existing workflows.
  •  Support on Access Control, CCTV and passive on fault basis.

The managed services provider qualifications:

  • Managed Services team certified and qualified to provide the required services
  • Developers capable to correct existing CRM/EHR workflows 
  • Recommended to provide CV for one CCIE certified engineer to handle escalations

Managed Services scope:


  • yearly full audit on the covered items
  • Monitoring platform as a service offered and hosted on the bidder's infra
  • proactive infra monitoring 8x5
  • reactive 24x7 covering emergencies
  • operational configuration changes
  • config backup management
  • annual vulnerability assessment and remediation
  • monthly reports
  • access to managed services portal provided by the bidder

How to apply

Please send quotations/proposals before Monday  November 20, 2023 in pdf format by mail to "[email protected]" with subject "RFQ-EMB2023-PR230152"

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