About the Program

Search, in partnership with the National Commission for Lebanese Women (NCLW), is implementing a four-year regional program called “Women, Youth, Peace and Security” (WYPS). The program’s overall goal is to strengthen women and youth’s meaningful, enduring participation in advancing inclusive peace and security in the Levant and Yemen. To do this, the program aims to: 1) consolidate women's rights organizations’ (WROs) and youth-focused/youth-led organizations’ (YFOs/YLOs) strategic engagement and influence in municipal and national peace and reconciliation processes; 2) motivate key sub-national and national institutions to strengthen inclusive policies and standards facilitating inclusive youth and women’s participation in peace and security; and 3) promote shifts in social norms around women and youth’s meaningful inclusion in peace and security at all levels, including stronger alliances with men and boys.


Goals and Objectives of the Assignment

Search is seeking to engage with a digital media platform/production company under the WYPS program, to design, develop, and implement and/or broadcast an awareness-raising and advocacy campaign to highlight the power of peacebuilding in  motivating and driving social and institutional change.

The goal of the campaign is to showcase that local peacebuilding is the cornerstone of legitimate and meaningful inclusion and participation at all levels, but often goes unrecognized in official peace processes at the national and sub-national levels. The campaign will use diverse media products and storytelling approaches to highlight concrete examples of local peacebuilding and its impact on the community.

If the applicant decides to pursue the production duties only, the roles and responsibilities of the consultant will include:

  • Attend an induction meeting with Search and the NCLW;
  • Commit 2 to 3 staff (screenwriters and producers) to attend a 4-day capacity-building programme on Women, Peace and Security, Youth Peace and Security in order to ensure a basic knowledge of the production team on the campaign topics;
  • Submit an inception report / concept note detailing the campaign approach and key messages; and
  • Produce a series of digital media products, dedicated to highlighting topics related to peacebuilding - in close collaboration with the Search and NCLW teams.

If the applicant decides to pursue the broadcasting duties only, the roles and responsibilities of the consultant will include:

  • Design a marketing/communication campaign and strategy to promote the digital media products and program updates;
  • Disseminate the externally produced series of digital media products on relevant platforms (Search’s social media accounts, promotion to other relevant accounts, post promotion, use of traditional media - newspapers, online news outlets, TV, radio, etc.) ;
  • Contribute to monitoring the engagement to the dissemination and evaluate the response of the target audience; and
  • Report on the dissemination of the digital media products and the monitoring and evaluation of the engagement and response..

Applicants can submit offers for either one or both production and broadcasting scopes of work.

THEME: Peacebuilding, conflict transformation, social stability, environment, gender, women/youth engagement and equality.

OBJECTIVE: Highlight the effectiveness of women and youth’s leadership in grassroots peacebuilding and raise awareness on the importance of peacebuilding on the community-level. Ultimately, leverage in strategic advocacy campaigns to motivate institutional change.

TARGET AUDIENCE: Primarily, the audience of this campaign is youth, adults, families, activists and stakeholders (policy-makers, ministers, members of parliament, governmental entities, donors and local and international organizations). The targeted age category is between 15 and 70.

EXTENDED AUDIENCE: On a large scale, these media products will be watched by people aged above 35, who might be community members, business owners, and decision-makers. It will also be watched by community leaders, religious leaders, local government officials, security officials, civil society organizations, and non-governmental organizations’ employees. It will also be exposed to a similar audience in the region via social media.

THE SCHEDULE, DURATION, AND EXPECTED REACH: The schedule of the media products will be broadcasted on weekdays in the primetime (around 8 to 9 p.m.), targeting the intended audience. The segments should be organized in a playlist, shared on all relevant social media platforms, and kept online unless communicated and approved otherwise with Search and NCLW.



SHARING OF MATERIAL: Copies of the media products are to be received in cloud sharing, hard storage device, USB, or CD format.

PROMOTION AND VISIBILITY: Search and NCLW will leverage their social media platforms to promote the digital media products.


  • Production quality will not be compromised, i.e. making sure that the message intended is fully and well put across;
  • Search program team and NCLW will give the go-ahead in writing to the producer to broadcast an agreed version of the program;
  • The media products produced will not be affiliated in any way, shape, or form with politics or partisan or partial views;
  • Any changes made for example in regards to broadcast time, will be agreed upon between Search, NCLW and the producers before they are made; Actors will be briefed first by the producers of the program in close collaboration with Search and NCLW teams before the shooting;
  • All topics are flexible, Search and NCLW staff together with producers will agree on what to include, and also where to adjust.
  • An Editorial Committee will be responsible for giving the approval on the topics and direction of the episodes, critic them and provide comments that improve their quality, and remove sensitive statements before its aired.;
  • Only after the editorial committee has signed off will the content be broadcasted.


Geographic locations

Campaign to be held on a national level.


Ethical Considerations

The contracted party shall take into consideration all factors to ensure that the work is done in a conflict-sensitive manner and that no harm is done while implementing the activity. This includes social, security, safety, environmental, economic, and gender-related factors.

Remain alert and responsive to any child safeguarding risks, acquire relevant knowledge and skills which will enable promoting strong safeguarding practices, understanding the child safeguarding policy and procedures.



November: Selecting and Contracting the digital media platform/production house

November: Approval of the work plan

December till January: Production of the mini-segments

February till May : Broadcasting the campaign

June & July: Metrics and reporting


Requirements of Consultant

Selection Criteria

The digital media platform/production house is expected to demonstrate:

  • A minimum of five (5) years of progressively advanced digital media and production experience in Lebanon;
  • Demonstrated experience of conception, production, and editing of mini video documentaries;
  • Knowledge of international standards in terms of video production, photography, social media management;
  • Excellent leadership and a solid understanding of the program cycle phases and tools;
  • The ability to communicate and work in English and Arabic is mandatory;
  • Ethical professional with due diligence given to the sensitivity of program materials;
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment and meet deadlines;
  • Excellent knowledge of gender equality, diversity, and inclusion related concepts;
  • Proven familiarity with Lebanese context with a good understanding of peacebuilding, social stability, environment, gender, women/youth engagement and equality;
  • Sensitivity to cross-cultural dynamics and experience working with NGOs;
  • Strong analytical and conceptual thinking skills; able to understand highly complex issues and translate them into simple, workable actions and plans;
  • Experience in creating, designing, developing and monitoring media outputs online related to human rights, gender equality, diversity and inclusion, women’s issues, etc; and
  • Excellent communication skills and high flexibility.

How to apply

To apply, interested applicants are requested to submit the following documents to the below link:



1) Technical proposal demonstrating understanding of requirements; detailing the proposed production methodology, broadcasting strategy, key materials and tools to be used, and including the sample work plan for the mini-segments. This should not be more than 10 pages, excluding annexes;

PRODUCTION HOUSE COULD ALSO APPLY FOR PRODUCTION ONLY: Technical proposal demonstrating understanding of requirements; detailing the proposed production methodology, key materials and tools to be used, and including the sample work plan for the mini-segments. This should not be more than 10 pages, excluding annexes;

DIGITAL MEDIA PORTALS COULD ALSO APPLY FOR BROADCASTING ONLY: Technical proposal demonstrating understanding of requirements; detailing the proposed broadcasting strategy, key materials and tools to be used, and including the sample work plan for the broadcasting. This should not be more than 10 pages, excluding annexes;


2) Financial proposal to include the cost to finance the production of mini-segments, translation of scripts, program promotional campaign including the design strategy, implementation, and campaign creation, and detailed broadcasting costs. This should not be more than one page;


3) CV(s) (to be consolidated in one pdf);


4) Company Profile inclduding (the below documents to be consolidated in one pdf):

  • Company registration documents, VAT number;
  • Company portfolio; and
  • At least three reference letters/notes from past/recent and similar work/assignments done.


Note: Please note that applications missing any of the above requirements will not be considered as a candidate for the program.

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From October 2023 until June 2024