Consultant LN - Psychiatrist Tripoli (Repost)

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Please submit your application before May 31, 2023 on our career site: Deltek Talent Management - Consultant, LN - (1130) (

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Task Description: Consultant will serve as the Psychiatrist project’s activity in Tripoli area. Specifically, Consultant will complete the following tasks:

Essential Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Collect information concerning the patient medical and psychiatric history, his/her family psychiatric history and the history of his/her current psychiatric episode. Information can be collected from the patient him/her self and/or from his/her family, relatives, general practitioner.
  • Interview the patient to assess his/her general physical condition, and refer when needed for a more in depth medical evaluation
  • Order, when needed, laboratory, imagery or other special diagnostic tools, and follow up of the results
  • Determine the nature and extent of his/her mental disorder, and suggest an appropriate treatment accordingly.
  • Treat or direct treatment of patient, utilizing variety of psychotherapeutic methods and medications. Respect when prescribing, as much as possible, the essential list of psychiatric medication.
  • Psycho educate patient and his family
  • Follow up on the treatment evaluating the response to medication and the possible side effects. Modify the treatment accordingly
  • Discharge patient from the program and refer him for the continuity of his treatment when stabilization is done.
  • Keep track of patient numbers/cases through IMC outpatient records, to be submitted at the end of every month.
  • Attend weekly or biweekly meetings including the technical meeting with the rest of the multidisciplinary team or case management team.
  • Reports directly to IMC MHPSS manager.
  • Coordinate with IMC MH technical Advisor and MH coordinator for technical support and follow up.
  • IMC psychiatrist can refer patients to the hospital when needed upon consultation with the IMC MH Technical Advisor and based on the approval of both the MH Advisor and MH Coordinator.
  • Conduct on the job supervision observation for primary health care providers along with the trainer when required.
  • Attend regular meetings, working sessions and trainings organized by IMC.
  • Take part in research activities, mapping exercises or assessments based on mutual consensus with the IMC management team.


  • Licensed Psychiatrist.
  • Completed all necessary registration with the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) and Lebanese Order of Physicians (LoP).
  • Registration number in the Ministry of Finance (MOF number to be provided at interview stage) 
  • Specialized Trainings are a plus.
  • Fluent in spoken Arabic.
  • Previous NGO experience is a plus.
  • Personal interest in humanitarian work.
  • Willing to adhere to clinic schedule.
  • Good communication and teamwork skills.

Code of Conduct
As applicable to this position, an individual must promote and encourage a culture of compliance and ethics throughout the organization and maintain a clear understanding of International Medical Corps and donor compliance and ethics standards and adheres to those standards.

It is all staff shared responsibility and obligation to safeguard and protect populations with whom we work, including adults who may be particularly vulnerable and children. This includes safeguarding from the following conduct by our staff or partners: sexual exploitation and abuse; exploitation, neglect, or abuse of children, adults at risk, or LGBTI individuals; and any form of trafficking in persons. Staff are also responsible for preventing violations to our Code of Conduct and Ethics, which may involve Conflicts of Interest, Fraud, Corruption or Harassment. If you see, hear or are made aware of any violations to the Code of Conduct and Ethics or Safeguarding Policy, you have an obligation to report.

Equal Opportunities
International Medical Corps is proud to provide equal employment opportunities to all employees and qualified applicants without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national or ethnic origin, age, disability or status as a veteran.

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20 أبريل, 2023
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الأربعاء, 31 مايو 2023
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Until September 30, 2023 (renewable based on donor's funding)
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< 800 (USD)
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