Street Sports Incubator- Startup Camp for the Project ‘Youth Resolve 2’

The Street Sports Incubator, as part of the Youth Resolve 2 project funded by the European Union, is a project for youth between 18- and 30 years old Lebanese and non-Lebanese who have an idea or existing street sports and street culture business/initiative to apply and get the chance to participate in this journey. It is divided into 2 main phases:


  • The first phase is the Start-up Camp, it is a 5 days training event to train them in the following:
  • Ideation.
  • Entrepreneurship.
  • Business lean model and pilot feasibility study.
  • Public speaking and presentation skills.


  • The second phase is the Incubation period, it is a 2 months period of training, coaching, and mentoring for the selected participants to develop their ideas and attain the basic needed knowledge to launch their business or initiative.


How to apply

Departments and majors of interest are:

-Business & Management

-Physical Education

-Social Work


-Computer Science



P.S: For the application to be considered, the participants should have completed or enrolled in a 3rd year of a BA (Bachelor’s Degree) or are currently enrolled in a MA (Master’s Program).


Through the following links you can access:

And all the details related to GAME and Street Sports Incubator project.

-About GAME: click here

-Street Sports Incubator Description: click here

-Video Street Sports Incubator: click here

-Application form: click here


If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. 

Point for Contact, Salwa Fathalla: 76/388 002

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