Mercy-USA for Aid and Development is seeking qualified supplier/s for Car rental tender mainly in Akkar and North lebanon with a possibility of working in other locations in Lebanon under a set of terms and conditions.


To assist you in understanding the requirements of this tender, we have attached herein the Tender Documents at the following Link ; Please click on this link to download the tender documentation.


Interested bidders with questions regarding this tender should send them in writing to [email protected] at least 48 hours before the submission deadline and by copying the Reference Number in the email subject line. 


How to apply

 Applications must be submitted to [email protected] on or before the above-mentioned submission deadline by copying the Reference Number "LB//CB-NPTP 2023 // II.3.3" in the email subject line. Submissions through any other media will not be considered.


The application must include all of the following documents: 


1- Quotation form duly Filled, Signed, Stamped and Dated (T1)

2- Technical Specifications and Conditions Booklet document duly Signed and Stamped on every page (T2)

3- Bidder Company Legal Registration/License papers (Company registration certificate, commercial broadcasting license, VAT registration certificate, Ministry of Tourism license)

4- Bidder ID


* Late, not readable or Incomplete applications will not be considered

* Applications with Links to documents will not be considered


** Please note that this tender relies on donor funding and final approval, if for any reasons the funding is blocked or delayed, Mercy-USA reserves the right to take action including terminating the procurement process and/or the agreement immediately.

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