WSC - Annual Program Statement 2 - Water Sanitation and Conservation

Despite ample natural water sources, Lebanon is a country in a state of “water impoverishment,”. To support the Lebanese water sector, the USAID funded (Started July 29, 2021) Water Sanitation and Conservation (WSC) Project is working towards an enhanced conservation and protection of Lebanon’s water resources through achieving three objectives: 1) Capacity of wastewater (WW) and sanitation management expanded; 2) Efficiency of public water utilities to manage water resources increased; 3) citizens’ water stewardship enhanced.

To achieve its goals WSC project is working in a diversified range of sectors. Through this call, the project wants to partner with eligible entities to fulfill the following objectives:

  • Objective A: Expanding the capacity of wastewater and sanitation management with Regional Water Establishments and at the level of local communities/authorities
  • Objective B: Increasing efficiency of Regional Water Establishments and Litani River Authority to manage and/or conserve water resources through innovative tools
  • Objective C: Enhancing citizens’ water stewardship and community awareness and engagement in sustainable uses of water
  • Objective D: Increasing efficiency in irrigation practices among farmers
  • Objective E: Incentivizing Lebanese industries to improve Water and Wastewater Efficiency
  • Objective F: Stimulating Circular Economy in Agriculture (SCEA)

Organizations with new, creative, and innovative applications with concepts responding to at least one of the above objectives are highly encouraged to apply.


How to apply

Issuance of the APS: Monday November 21, 2022

Submission of Questions: Interested entities are invited to submit their questions if any, to [email protected]

Deadline for submission of Concept Papers: Concept Papers should be submitted through the following Link: Formsite Link by Thursday December 21, 2023. Shortlisted Organizations will be contacted and notified of the deadline for complete application submission to [email protected]

We invite you to carefully read the APS document attached to this Call prior to accessing the Formsite application link, to be aware of the required documentations and eligibility requirements. 

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