Architectural / Engineering Services for Visitor Center in Koura District- 83386653/UDP_NL/GIZ



Architectural / Engineering Services

(planning, specifications and Construction Management during execution)

related to a (later) “Design & Build”-contract for the new construction of a

Visitor Center in Koura District, North Lebanon

The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH is currently implementing its project Local Development Program for Urban Areas in North Lebanon (UNP-NL). As part of this project GIZ intends to implement a Visitor Center in greater Nahr El Joz area, Koura District, North Lebanon.

The Visitor Center once in operation shall serve as a touristic landmark and entrance gate to the Nahr El Joz valley and shall attract tourists and visitors from all over Lebanon. The Center should offer information to visitors, few accommodations with different standards, a gastronomy-part and so on.

The plot of land designated for the Center with an area of appr. 5.000-5.500 m² is owned by the municipality. After completion of the project the center shall be handed over to the municipality but operated by a non-profit organization specialized on the touristic sector in the Nahr El Joz area.

It is planned that the entire project (more detailed part of planning and permissions, building, landscaping, equipment and furnishing) will be implemented later by one construction-company within a so-called “Design & Build”-contract.

Base for this “Design & Build”-contract with a construction company shall be an architectural design consisting out of

  • drawings (preliminary design level; but also guiding details important for the appearance of the project) and a
  • detailed technical description / specifications for all technical requirements.

This EOI is addressed to Architectural / Engineering Services (architects, engineers etc.):

For the architectural, engineering and landscaping services related to the design and supervision GIZ (represented by the UDP_NL Infrastructure Team) intends to contract an architect / engineer or architectural / engineering consultant firm with provable and extensive experience and know-how in

  1. planning and implementing of touristic facilities providing features as described below and
  2. projects implemented within a “Design & Build”-contract:

Therefor the scope of work for the requested Architectural / Engineering Services includes:

  • Development of a Design-Concept for the building itself and the entire lot incl. landscaping incl. technical description of construction, materials, technical equipment, etc..
  • Based on GIZs approval of the Design-Concept mentioned above:
    • development of Preliminary-Design-drawings
    • preparation of a detailed technical description for
      •  all construction requirements / specifications
      • MEP-works (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing)
      • Landscaping
      • Furnishing
      • Equipment
      • guiding details
    • preparation of cost-estimation(s), clustering the different packages mentioned above
  • and which will be the base for tendering the “Design & Build”-services amongst construction companies

  • On base of mentioned above: delivering of tender documents incl. rough timelines and payment-schedules for the “Design & Build”-contract for further tender-process by GIZ. Assisting in clearance meetings with bidder if needed
  • After contracting a contractor: Quality control and check of accordance to design-drawings and specs (prepared by planner) of further development of design- and execution-drawings by the “Design & Build”-contractor
  • Quality control / accordance with specifications and overall site-management (but acc. “Design & Build”-contracts not the responsible site-supervision) during construction phase
  • Assistance in payment schedules of the contractor and approvals that the payment requests are according to the schedule and progress at the site
  • Assistance in overtaking the completed “Design & Build”-project from the contractor incl. preparation of snag-lists and follow up
  • Liability-management for 12 months after overtaking the project from the contractor

As per the current vision the Visitor Center shall provide the following facilities:

  • Building with floor space of appr. 500m² (400-600m²), divided on one or two floors:
    • Entrance and exhibition hall with info-point and integrated sales room
    • Office for 2 workspaces
    • Restaurant kitchen
    • Multipurpose seating area for 40 persons (restaurant / breakfast, meetings, etc.)
    • Additional meeting room for 15 persons
    • 3 double rooms for accommodation; each with optional 2 extra beds; with attached own bathroom
    • Sanitary facilities (serving both building and outdoor space)
    • Supporting rooms where needed (storage, technical room, etc.)
  • Outdoor space (seize of entire plot is around 5.000-5.500 m²):
    • Attractive natural finished garden area
    • offering different opportunities like:
      • outdoor seating, (partially) linked to the restaurant (60 persons restaurant)
      • barbecue area
      • possibilities for camping (tents, optional hammock-area)
  • Parking area for 10 cars
  • The project has to be completed (=constructed, equipped, overhanded) until end of 2022

The design of the Visitor Center shall:

  • harmonize with the traditional appearance of the region / village
  • make use of regional available natural construction materials like natural stone, lime, loam, wood, etc. (and against extensive use of concrete, aluminum, etc.)
  • integrate appropriate sustainable features (ideas like e.g. compact building design with appropriate orientation, natural insulation (heat; cold) if needed, natural ventilation, rain water harvesting, treatment of grey water, green roof, solar power, etc.)

Goal of this EOI is to create a short-list containing the most qualified and up to six (6) architects / engineers or architectural / engineering consultant firms. The tender procedure (once the short list is created) for requested design services from invitation to tender until signing of contract is expected to take place between beginning of August 2021 and beginning of September 2021.

The currency of the architectural-contract will be USD.

To qualify for consideration in the tender procedure, interested architect / engineer or architectural / engineering consultant firms are required to submit the following information and documents for eligibility assessment. To ensure the completeness of the needed documents please take care that the documents / information in your application have the same order like mentioned below:

  1. Official letter expressing interest (letter must be attached)
  2. Company / Consultancy details including full company / consultancy name, full address, phone and email (data / information to be filled in A10 / Questionnaire)
  3. Copy of company/office registration certificate. (copies to be attached)
  4. Copy of valid registration at the Order of Engineers and Architects (license or the like required to perform the works). (copies to be attached)
  5. Company / office profile including the number of employees (permanent / temporary in total) mentioning their job position / qualification for the last three (3) years. (to be filled in A10 / Questionnaire) and short CVs for the key staff for this project (document like CVs, organigram related to this specific project etc. shall be attached separately)
  6. Up to two (2) reference projects of design services of similar nature as specified above for touristic facilities having public or business occupancies; subjected to the public safety law decree no.7964 if needed. Reference projects have to be performed within the last five (5) years). (up to 2 reference projects to be named and specified in A10 / Questionnaire, projects description max 2 DIN A 4 pages per project shall be attached separately). The ideal reference project would be a similar project like 1.) a guesthouse or building of similar usage and 2.) and which was executed by a contractor within a “Design & Build”-contract on base of the planning and specifications of the applicant.
  7. Total value of architectural-works for each of reference project named / listed under 6) performed within the last five (5) years (data/information to be filled in A10 / Questionnaire)
  8. Annual total turnover for each of the last five (5) years (minimum 50.000, - USD / year as an average) (data / information to be filled in A10 / Questionnaire; copies with official third-party accounting reports for the annual turnover should be attached separately)

* All certificates should be originals or legally certified copies of the originals


How to apply

The information and documents specified above shall be submitted to GIZ in PDF format on 02.08.2021 by 23:59 Beirut Local Time at the latest to the following email address: [email protected]. The subject line must be clearly marked as follows:

 “Architectural / Engineering Services for Visitor Center in Koura District- 83386653”

Please do not send technical or price offer or other documents not requested. Kindly note that complete tender documents will be sent to up to six (6) best ranked and shortlisted companies  / consultancies which will be assessed as eligible and qualified by GIZ based on the information and documents submitted as specified above. Please note that to be assessed eligible all documents and information’s as per the request must be provided and a total score of at least 60% of max possible points must be achieved to be short-listed. Amongst the companies which reached more than 60% of max. possible points the six (6) companies with the highest points will be short-listed

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