Junior Consultant: Information assistant (Yemen& Saudi Arabia)

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توجيهات التقديم: 

Applicant can apply to this consultancy work by email to: [email protected]

Subject email should be : Junior Consultant-Information assistant (Yemen& Saudi Arabia) 

اسم الشخص المسؤول: 
Abir Ghadieh
Contact Person Position: 
Admin Assistant
البريد الالكتروني للشخص المسؤول: 

During this period, the consultant will offer research support for the development of Yemen team’s plan focused on women formerly detained in Huthi-controlled areas, and on Saudi Arabia’s continuing pattern of arbitrary arrests and prosecutions. The requested outputs for this consultancy are: 
•    Provide a daily update to teams from media of local, regional and international developments in Saudi Arabia and Yemen and electronic filing of this information.
•     Monitor developments in terms of government statements / developments – reporting to the team and filing the materials electronically. 
•    Compiling and updating lists of detainees and cases against them.  
•    Admin support and information management: contribute to the development and maintenance of administrative and communications systems  in support of research, campaigning and growth activities; manage files, records and other information retrieval systems where necessary within the organization’s self-servicing guidelines; contacting key stakeholders to verify and cross check information; liaise with sections in all three countries. 
•    Contribute to the compilation of information for the death penalty report 

منتهية الصلاحية
آخر تاريخ التحديث: 
25 مايو, 2021
قطاع(ات) التدخل:
التنسيق وإدارة المعلومات
آخر مهلة للتقديم:
الثلاثاء, 25 مايو 2021
نوع العقد:
مدة الوظيفة:
3 months (possibility to extend)
نطاق الراتب:
بين 1200 و 1500 (دولار أمريكي)
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أقل من سنة واحدة
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